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Get ready for the latest, and greatest, Kitu Life invention!

Super Espresso has officially launched and you guys are going to be OBSESSED. If you follow me or know me personally, you know how hooked I am on Super Coffee and why I love it so much. I can’t tell you guys the last time I had a coffee other than Super Coffee or without Super Creamer, seriously!

I tried out the newest addition to the super fam, Super Espresso, back in December and it was the BEST! I typically go with Vanilla, but Caramel is my favorite for this. The new product is only 40 Calories, contains 0g of sugar, and 5g of protein. But wait, there’s more.

This 6oz can contains 180mg of caffeine… crazy, right?! Now when you’re too tired to go out and get a sugary and overpriced latte or coffee with some shots of espresso, you can just get your Super Espresso!

I’m a firm believer in working with brands/companies that I incorporate into my daily life and nothing more. This company is one of my favorites and has the greatest founders ever, and the nicest might I add.

Now that you have all this info, what are you waiting for? Get your super ass going!