I am beyond excited to finally share this interview I did with the iconic trio that we all love so much, The LADYGANG! It was such a fun experience getting to chat with Becca, Keltie, and Jac about their podcast, E! series, and much more.

Thank you so much to these beautiful ladies for taking the time to do this with me and I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I did doing it. Be sure to follow the official LADYGANG accounts on Twitter and Instagram, and don’t miss their show + podcast weekly on E! and the podcast app!


DL: Hey ladies, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me! How are you all doing?


KK: I’m eating a chocolate bar for lunch!

BT: Amazing!

JV: I’ve been looking at videos of French bulldogs all morning so I’m doing fantastic!


DL: LADYGANG is one of the most well-known (and greatest) podcasts in the world, but where did it start for you three and the story of how LG came to be?

LG: Becca and Keltie knew each other from New York, and had talked about doing something together, and needed someone who was legit and not in the Hollywood space. Keltie and Jac have a mutual ex-boyfriend and it all came together. 


DL: What has been the most rewarding thing for each of you since the premiere of the podcast back in December of 2015?

KK: Being recognized in the candle section of Home Goods by fans. 

BT: Watching LadyGang listeners meet each other through the Facebook group and end up becoming friends IRL has been pretty cool!

JV: Up until LadyGang, I had been so used to being a lone wolf and doing my own thing professionally, so it’s been pretty rad to work alongside two incredible women to create something completely our own.


DL: You got picked up by the E! network in May of last year, what was that like for you? Did you ever expect or hope that you’d one-day turn into a TV show too?

KK: That was actually our plan from the very beginning, and the really weird thing about LadyGang, we dream these huge dreams and then somehow they al come true! 

BT: I’m the cynic of the group so I thought that’s there was no way in hell anyone would give us a TV show!

JV: I have lived SO outside the entertainment world my whole life, so I never really thought I’d end up on TV.  The whole thing has been such a learning experience for me; I’ve gone way outside my comfort zone but have learned a lot about myself in the process!


DL: Have you ever thought about taking the podcast on tour to different cities and do some sort of live show or podcast? That would be so iconic.

KK: We want to but we are still all doing our day jobs so it’s an insane schedule. We have so much on our plates, but we’ve had a few live events and it was the best ever to hang with our fans! 

BT:  We absolutely love the live events and being able to interact with all the listeners so fingers crossed we can make it happen this year. 

JV:  What Keltie said, it’s insanely hard with our schedules but we love getting out there and meeting our girls all over the country!


DL: One thing I really love most about you three is that you are all very different and real. Instead of talking about all the same stuff that a lot of others cover, you make whatever you are talking about into a conversation and you don’t hold back. Why is originality so important to you when it comes to LADYGANG?

KK: We never really tried to be “original,” we are just ourselves. We certainly have magic chemistry! 

BT: For me, I just felt like this wasn’t worth doing unless we were willing to really go there. There’s so much content out there that you can only stand out if you’re being genuine. 

JV: We never really sought out to be “authentic” and “unfiltered”, it all kind of just happened naturally as we got to know each other through the podcast.  We are all opinionated in different ways and balance each others crazy.


DL: I know that you three are advocates for the LGBTQ+ community, but I’m not sure if you knew that the podcast was actually really big for a lot of people in my community too. Obviously the podcast was created towards women, but a lot of gay men really love you girls too- me included, lol!

What has made you want to use your platform to speak on really anything and everything that you do to connect with your listeners, and now viewers?

KK: Our rule in the LadyGang has to be sort of open, kind and “you do you” We’ve had all kinds of guests on the show, from all types of backgrounds and lifestyles. People are really good at sniffing out bullshit so we just kinda do us, and if people want to join the gang, then yay! 

BT:  Keltie said it best. We don’t allow any assholes in the group, so we’ve sort of unintentionally created a community for only accepting and nonjudgmental people and for that, we are super proud!

JV: We want everyone to feel like they can sit at our table, and we want to talk about things that everyone can relate to, regardless of your background.  Our main goal and mantra in the LadyGang is to make other women (and men!) feel less alone.


DLOne word that you constantly use throughout the podcast and show is “unapologetic.” What does being unapologetic mean to you and why do you think women everywhere shouldn’t constantly be saying sorry when they’ve done nothing wrong.

KK: Well, I’m certainly someone who has apologized a lot in my life just for taking up space, and that’s sad. Its a hard habit to break, but I love that we are inspiring everyone to stop doing that! 

BT:  I think it’s important for people to start caring a little less about keeping up appearances and getting more vulnerable with each other (even if it is just talking about accidentally pooping your pants) because that’s what brings people together, not perfection. 

JV: There is so much pressure in society to act, dress, look, feel a certain way and its just a load of bullshit.  We want to motivate our gang to just be themselves, whatever that may be (unless you’re an asshole).


DL: There have been so many special guests and friends on, but is there anyone in particular that the three of you would like most to stop by and chat with?

KK: John Mayer! 

BT: Dolly Parton!

JV: Larry David!


DL: You’ve created an incredible podcast and now have a show on E!, but what are your personal hopes and goals for the future of LADYGANG? I feel like you three would have one hell of a book.

KK: A book! 

BT: Creating our own charitable way to help women out is on the list!

JV: We’ve got lots of fun projects brewing in our lady brains!