Kim really is THAT bitch, huh?!

A Kim Kardashian was almost made? Uh, where can I get one?! KKW took to Twitter to reveal that back in 2011 Mattel was working on a Kim barbie, but it never ended up planning or working out.

When a fan posted pictures of Kim at a VS event, she opened up and told the story how the Kim doll was actually going to be wearing that outfit! “Have the best story about this look! I had a Barbie deal & she was going 2 wear this exact look!,” she wrote.

She continued “Then the deal got cancelled, the Kim K Barbie would no longer B produced,” the tweet said. But guess what?! Kim ended up getting her doll, all because of husband Kanye West!

“Kanye knew how sad I was, called Mattel & made all my dreams come true by having my prototype made just 4 me!” Kim said.

Check out the photo of Kim’s event outfit that the doll would’ve been based on below!

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