So, what happened?!

Lana Condor recentley stopped by The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and talked about her friendship with TATBILB co-star Noah Centineo and what happened when they first met!

The actress talked about how she and Noah actually set their own boundaries, just like their characters Peter and Lara Jean did. “We had just come back from a hot yoga class and went to his apartment and we ordered pizza. And it was kind of like, oh, hot yoga, pizza, what’s happening?,” she explained to Jimmy.

She continued on about the kind of laughable, but awkward, experience- “I felt something! I looked at him and I was like, ‘Noah, it’s not going to happen between us.’ So I was like, ‘It’s just not gonna happen.’ And he was like, ‘Yeah it’s not gonna happen.’ And I was like, ‘Great’.”

Check out the full interview with Lana below, it’s pretty funny!