New year, same me… but trying to be healthier!

I think most people can relate to wanting to be healthier or do more physical activity whenever we hit the new year, or even want that normally. I told myself that this year I’d be more careful about what I’m feeding my body and how I take care of it. Although I’m only twenty, it’s important to take care of yourself no matter what age you are.

Below, you guys can find a few things that I’ll either be eating, doing, etc,. to keep healthy this year. I truly believe in doing whatever works best for you, so find whatever that might be and do that- don’t do anything you don’t want to do!


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  • NuttZO: I recently found out about this company, but I love them already. They’re a nut butter brand that’s mainly known for their tasty blends of seven nuts and seeds in products. You can spread the butter jars like literal butter on bread, put it in oatmeal, add it to shakes, or whatever you want! My personal favorite are their Bold BiteZ; so delicious.


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  • MUSH: If you’re anything like me, you love breakfast food and always are on the look out for things to spice up your morning food! Well, I found something new and I’m in love. This company offers single serving ready-to-eat overnight oats that are meant to be eaten cold. My favorite? The Snickerdoodle pack!


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  • Essentia Water: My favorite water known to man-kind; the alkaline water that is clinically proven to re-hydrate you better and tastes nothing like regular water. I know that sounds insane, but it’s true! This water is by far my favorite and I always make sure I have it with me wherever I go.


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  • Pressa Bottle: I love to put my Essentia in this bottle and occasionally add some fruit or lemons to it and switch up the water taste so I never get sick of it. Plus, who doesn’t love a cute bottle to take with you when you’re traveling or just leaving the house? I do!


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  • Planet Fitness: Being someone who was always petrified of gym class in school, it took me so long to find a place to go and feel that I was okay and that I wouldn’t be judged for who I am or the way I look. PF provides an extreme amount of support and tolerates no critics or discrimination at all; something that I love about them so much. The best feeling in the world is having a safe space to go to without any worry and just do whatever you need to do to feel good- and this is one of those places for me!


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  • Super Coffee: Of course I have to mention my go-to every morning, Super Coffee! You guys know how obsessed I am with these bad boys and their tasty + healthy alternatives rather than going to buy a sugary coffee somewhere. Be sure to keep up with them… some special stuff is coming this year! πŸ˜‰