You guys will never leave the house without this again!

If you’re anything like the typical human being, you most likely are glued to your phone. Whether it be for work, FaceTime, social media, maps, shopping, or whatever- you can’t live without it. Here’s the thing though, what do you need to keep that phone going? Ah yes, a charger.

I’m not talking about your generic iPhone charger that are about thirty something dollars though, I’m talking about the myCharge. Being the gods of all portable chargers, this bad ass company offers chargers that work for all smartphones, tablets, and iPads. The one I love though? The HubMax– the ultimate (and longest lasting) portable charger I have ever owned in my life.

But that’s not it, because why? You don’t even need your regular iPhone charger for this, it comes with one Apple lightening cable, a micro-USB cable, and even a built in USB port just in case you do have that charger with you. This charger is with me WHEREVER I go, literally! It’s super light and easy to throw in my day bag, or even travel bag.

While the HubMax might not be for you, myCharge also has a ton of options for everyone. Be sure to check out all their items on their official page, here!