Kourtney is now the most interesting to look at, not the least Kim- lol!

Kourtney Kardashian is slaying for GQ Mexico and didn’t hold back for the photo shoot or interview. The mom and reality star dished on her family, being a reality star, and what she looks for in a man with the Dec/Jan issue of the magazine.

Talking about her sisters, Kourt said- “My sisters and I have our own personalities, we’re definitely critical of each other, but those criticisms always come from a place of unconditional love.” She continued, “Besides, we know that we all have different ways of doing things and of viewing life.”

As for what you need to possess to get Kourt to fall for you? “It’s important that he’s confident in himself, that he knows who he is so that he doesn’t have to be proving anything to anyone,” she said. She added, “He should also be understanding, and accepting of who I am. It won’t work without this.”

Kourtney also got deep on being a reality star with the magazine. She said, “To me, being a true role model is being as transparent as possible because the world deserves honesty in a day and age where we’re all smoke and mirrors through social media. Showing the younger generation that we’re not perfect, and that it’s how you overcome your obstacles that is important.” She continued ” I am certainly living my life for me and trying to be the best mom, sister, baby mama, daughter, friend that I can be.”

She went on to say “The truth of the world, is that there is suffering, but becoming stronger through our experiences is empowering…There are times when I do care about what people say and others when I really don’t. I have to constantly exercise my self-confidence and remind myself that negative comments come from people who don’t really know me at all and who aren’t in my place.”

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