Drew Barrymore Gets Candid About Her Past

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 06.24.52.png

Drew has never been one to hide her mistakes, one of the many reasons I adore her!

Last week, Drew Barrymore guest starred on Netflix‘s ‘Norm Macdonald Has a Show,’ and talked about her past drug addiction. At just thirteen years old Drew went into rehab for her past drug use but revealed that she had her “mid-life crisis” and got her “shit together” a year later at fourteen.

When talking about her time doing cocaine, Drew was asked if she missed it…a bit weird to bring up if you ask me, but hey, to each their own I guess. The actress opened up and said “Nothing would make me have a panic attack and seem like a bigger nightmare. I never did hallucinogenics…but I drink and I enjoy my life and I like get out of my own head,” she said. She then continued on about what she thinks of the substance now, “It’s not like I’m this militant person of clarity and presence but [cocaine] literally seems like my worst nightmare right now.”

Drew also discussed what it was like being a child star, and she didn’t hold back. “It really is a recipe for disaster,” she said. She continued, “but you know what’s exciting? I got my shit over with by like, 14—like, midlife crisis, you know, institutionalized, blacklisted, no family, like, got it done—and then got into the cycle of being my own parent.”

You go Drew, you are a true inspiration!


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