I’m so thrilled to share my newest catching up session with you guys! I got the chance to speak with one of my biggest blogging and overall career inspirations, Lauryn Evarts Bosstick.

Lauryn and I chatted about all things The Skinny Confidential related, how she was inspired to start it up, being outspoken, and the people she’d love to have on her podcast the most. It’s such an honor and privilege to have been able to speak with this gem and I hope you guys all enjoy our chat!

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The Skinny Confidential 






DL: Lauryn!! I’m so excited to be chatting with you, how are you?

L.E.B: Thank you for having me! I’m honored to chat with you.


DL: You’re the creator of the blog and brand The Skinny Confidential, so where did TSC all begin?

L.E.B: The idea for The Skinny Confidential came about when I was attending San Diego State University. I was incredibly frustrated by the lack of healthy food options on campus… and I was BORED. At the time I was going to school full-time, working days & nights, and teaching reformer Pilates and Pure Barre. Also, I was on a major budget.

So I started modifying all of my meals & the rest is history. I would take off one side of the bread in a sandwich or swap lettuce for spinach, sweeten coffee with cinnamon, make taco salads, you get it. Then one day I sort of had a light bulb moment and thought, “why not share my tips and tricks with other women? There’s 20,000 women on campus, they need these tricks too! And shit, I want their tips.”


DL: When you initially started The Skinny Confidential, it was mainly a health and lifestyle blog. You’ve definitely expanded it a ton since its launch when you were in college, what made you want to branch off and do more?

L.E.B: As The Skinny Confidential evolved from a fitness and health blog to a community for women all over the world to come & SPILL their tips & tricks. It’s a source of inspiration for women. It was natural to expand and grow. Now The Skinny Confidential is also a book, a podcast, and soon to be product line.


DL: The blog is mainly for women, but I absolutely love it! I think because you do such a wide variety of different content on it, it’s really appealing to some men (particularly gay men) too..lol! What made you want to create and share such personable content that people can really relate to?

L.E.B: Creating a community I could connect with and help was really important for me. I wanted to help women live their best lives. The only way to do that is by remaining authentic. That might mean posting a video from my car because it’s the only time and I’m running late.


DL: A few years back you released your very own book titled after the blog and brand, do you think you’d do it again? I’d love a follow up book from you!

L.E.B: YES! I’m currently in the process of writing my next book focused on one of my favorite topics. SKINCARE. Writing a book is gnarly but very rewarding.


DL: One of the things I love most about the blog and you specifically, is that you’re not afraid to speak on what some people would call “taboo topics.” Have you always been as outspoken and real as you are now, or is it something that you saw more as you went into your adulthood?

L.E.B: My entire life I’ve been pretty outspoken. Talking about taboo topics was a natural extension for me. It gets boring to scroll from perfect flatlay to perfect flatlay.


DL: I feel like you’re extremely passionate and emphasize on the fact that people should be doing what they love and nothing else because that’s what matters most. Personally, I don’t have a full time job right now because I want to take my blog to the next level and do something with it or even just do anything I’m passionate about for a career. A lot of people aren’t too understanding of that because they see it as, “you should just take what you can get,” but my happiness is something that means a lot to me. When you were first starting up, was it hard for you to stay positive and tell yourself that you knew if you kept working at it everything would eventually work out?

L.E.B: Yes – most people didn’t understand what I was doing. I worked as a bartender & Pilates teacher so I could build TSC on the side. If you have a vision you have to keep chipping away daily. Don’t give up too early.


DL: You and your husband started The Skinny Confidential: Him and Her podcast and I think a lot of the episodes on it are really empowering to be living your best life as well. What made you and Michael want to begin your own podcast?

L.E.B: We were drinking margaritas in Cabo and jokingly said we should start a podcast. We came back to California and just started. Michael & I had been working together more and so we thought it would create a fun dynamic.


DL: The features you two have on the Him and Her podcast are really great too! Is there anything you look for in a person before you guys have them as a guest?

L.E.B: We really look for people who can provide value & teach our audience ways to improve their lives. We love people with a good niche like fiber or mushrooms so we can dive deep.


DL: Is there anyone in particular you hope to one day have on the podcast or work with in general?

L.E.B: Tim Ferriss or Joe Rogan. I listen to their podcasts all the time and have learned SO much from them.


DL: With your blog, podcast, social channels, book, YouTube channel, and everything in between, is hard for you to do all that you do? How do you stay focused and manage to do all of this stuff at once?

L.E.B: It’s important to prioritize. Sometimes it’s hard to balance it all. I’m still learning. Getting yourself organized is crucial.


DL: I honestly think you would have an INCREDIBLE internship program, I for sure would apply to that shit right when it’s posted, lol! Have you ever thought about having interns or doing something where you can show the ropes on how to do all that you do for aspiring bloggers who hope to make it big like you?

L.E.B: For the past 2 years I have been mentoring female entrepreneurs. We all learn from each other and it’s been exciting seeing these woman building their brands and taking it to the next level.


DL: Have you ever thought of doing a brunch or dinner party with some of your fans and kind of discuss topics that they all want to talk or know about you? That’d be epic!

L.E.B: That’s a great idea! We’ve done a couple of meet-ups which have been unreal. The women always blow my mind- they’re smart, beautiful and sweet. Boozy brunch would be fun.


DL: Can you give any advice for people like myself who want to take blogging to the next level and create a bigger name + overall brand for ourselves?

L.E.B: VALUE. It’s ALL about value. If you provide interesting content that helps people you will grow. Engage with your audience and learn from them.


DL: Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me, I hope to meet you one day soon. Love you always Lauryn!

L.E.B: You are so sweet. Thank you & good luck with everything.