It’s hot in here, right!? Oh wait…that’s just Froy.

Froy Gutierrez sat down with ‘RAW‘ and chatted about being half-Mexican, acting, what he does to stay out of dark places, and what he wants to be remembered for most. The twenty year old actor and singer also just released his brand new single, “Sideswipe,” which is out now.

The full interview with Froy and ‘RAW‘ can be found below!

RAW: Being half-Mexican, what are your best memories of Mexico?
FROY: I spent all my summers there until I was 12 and I spent the majority of my first five years of my life there. So I have lots of memories, mainly with my cousins because they live there. I just remember living in my grandpa’s house and we would just throw around avocados in the backyard with our feet, like soccer, but not really because we didn’t know what soccer was at the time… because we were 5-years-old. (laughs) But I’m probably like the only millennial who doesn’t like avocados. (laughs)
RAW: After living in Mexico, you moved to Dallas, Texas for how long?
FROY: It’s complicated. My mom and my dad both lived in Dallas, but my family lived in Mexico, and I would go with my dad to Mexico for extended vacations for all the summers. And I would just live with my family, especially during the first five years because they helped out. Long story.
RAW: We recently found out that you loved the cartoon movie Hercules growing up. Is that your favorite movie?
FROY: That was my favorite Disney movie growing up. I just was obsessed with it. My favorite movie is Superman!
RAW: Are you obsessed with storytelling?
FROY: It’s just so much fun! You know when you were a kid and you were living in a little hyper-reality and everything that was real wasn’t really real and you had your own little world. And you’d climb to the top of a tree and you’d look over it and all of the sudden you’d be on the top of a mountain with a cape flying at your back? It’s like that all the time when you’re acting, you’re performing a fantasy.
RAW: Are there any musicians that inspired you to make your own music growing up or that you looked up to?
FROY: I loved Green Day growing up, they were my favorites. Enrique Iglesias was a big one (laughs), and of course Lorde, she’s the best. Linkin Park, sadly (band member Chester Bennington passed away). Too soon!
RAW: Do you consider music storytelling in itself?
FROY: Yes! Music has always been a very cinematic thing. Like Green Day! That’s another concept record right there, American Idiot–that was one of my favorite albums growing up. There’s just so many layers to it, and there’s characters and a setting and a storyline, and that given my roots in acting and production, integrating that with music would be just very natural for me.
RAW: Moving on more to acting, how did you get your start?
FROY: I started doing theater in middle school because I stopped doing swim team and my mom was like, “You need to find a new hobby, Froy.” And so I was like, “I’m just going to audition for the play,” (laughs) I just fell in love with it. Then an agent spotted me in Dallas and then L.A. agents scouted me and it just kind of snowballed from there. The snowball vibe. #snowball
RAW: Is there an actor you really look up to?
FROY: I’m obsessed with Rami Malek and his portrayal of Elliott Alderson in Mr. Robot is so good! I really relate to that and I feel like a lot of people do too, hence the success of it.
RAW: What was your favorite Teen Wolf scene to film?
FROY: I had so many! Particularly toward the end of Teen Wolf because we did this giant action scene, I got to have this James Bond moment where I was just this dorky little white boy walking down the hallway. I just felt like such a badass for a second.
RAW: Let’s get a little more RAW here. Has there ever been a point along your journey where you’ve been in a dark place? What did you do to get out of it?
FROY: (breathes in deeply) The best thing you can do is just have someone to talk to. You’re always surrounded by people that love you even though you don’t think that you are, even when you feel very alone. There’s people that you can talk to and there’s always someone you can get your emotions out with. That’s just important to remember–you’re never alone. There’s always someone there. And just think talking, exercising, listening to music, finding hobbies that you’re passionate about are all super important to get through a dark phase in your life. I always think about all those things and really take it to heart and just… find someone to talk to. Too often, we have emotions and problems that we just bottle up and put a lid on it and I don’t think that’s very healthy. You gotta let it out! Everyone has problems, you’re never alone. That’s my motto.
RAW: If there’s one thing you want to be remembered for in this life, what would that one thing be and why?
FROY: That I was a positive influence in people’s lives. I would just want to be remembered as the kind of person that people feel like they can come to me as like a friend and talk things out and just have an intimate moment and know that it’s okay to feel whatever you’re feeling. ᴿᴬᵂ