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It was such a pleasure getting to catch up with my new friend, Eileen Davidson! You might recognize Eileen from ‘The Young and the Restless’ where she plays Ashley, or from the iconic group of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.’ Discussing things such as her incredible acting career, her empowering friends, all the to what she hopes to accomplish in the coming year…we talked about it all!

Be sure to catch Eileen on Y&R Mon-Fri on CBS, and keep up with her on Twitter & Instagram too! Thank you for talking with me Eileen, I adore you. xox


David: Hi Eileen! Thank you so much for talking with me, I’m so excited. How are you?

Eileen: I’m great! Excited to be talking with you too, David.


David: You’ve been acting for quite some time now, when did you first know that you wanted to make a career out of something you were most passionate about?

Eileen: I started taking acting classes in Hollywood when I was 19, and as they say, I was “bitten.” From then on, I lived and breathed it. Every spare moment I wasn’t working, I was studying acting.


David: You play Ashley on the iconic soap opera, ‘The Young and the Restless.’ I have to admit, I do only watch the show because of you, lol! I haven’t been watching since the way beginning, but I do watch it a lot now that I’m older. What has it been like to be on such a well-known show for most of your life?

Eileen: Well, thank you! It’s been amazing. I feel like I understand Ashley so well. Even the times where I’ve stepped away to do other projects, it always feels very natural and home for me to be on YR.


David: I know that soaps often require a lot more filming that normal TV shows since they air every day, so is that difficult for you or have you gotten used to it by now?

Eileen: It’s difficult, and I’ve gotten used to it! Ha. I am always the woman carrying my stack of scripts wherever I go, working out, on vacation, etc.


David: I was so happy when I saw your fellow housewife, Erika Girardi, on the show. It was so cool to have her guest star, I loved the episode! Do you have any more plans for any of the other ladies to join you on the show?

Eileen: You never know!


David: What do you hope happens for Ashley as the show goes on?

Eileen: Ashley is very smart and ambitious. I think the sky is the limit for her in life and love. It’s YR, so anything can happen!


David: I know that you won’t be back for this season of RHWOBH, but can we expect to see you in the future again?

Eileen: Maybe.


David: What’s it like having such a powerful and strong group of women around you all the time?

Eileen: It’s great. I am lucky that I’ve always had great friendships with strong, powerful women.


David: If you could switch wardrobes with one of the other housewives for a day, who would you pick and why?

Eileen: Oh, Erika Jayne, for obvious reasons.


David: You ladies have been on some extremely fun and memorable trips. Is there anywhere you would like to travel to next?

Eileen: That’s a good question. I’d love to go to Japan!


David: One thing I love about you all most, is your support for not only the rights of everyone, but also LGBTQ rights. Being openly gay, that means so much to me. What makes you want to use your platform for the good that you do?

Eileen: LGBTQ rights especially have always had a special place in my heart. No one should be treated differently because of their sexuality or gender, and it’s heartbreaking there’s even a question of that in 2017.


David: Is there anything you hope to accomplish or do this coming year?

Eileen: Take a vacation without my stack of scripts!