“Set It Up” With Zoey Deutch & Glen Powell Premieres First Trailer

Image result for zoey deutch set it up

Zoey Deuth and Glen Powell’s new movie is coming very soon!

The new romantic comedy, “Set It Up,” starring Zoey Deutch (Harper) and Glen Powell (Charlie) will be released next month on Netflix. The movie follows two underpaid executive assistants in Manhattan who are beaten down by their bosses on the daily, putting them in a constant frenzy.

Vulture.com gave a detailed description about the movie saying “Being a personal assistant is a thankless job — hello, The Devil Wears Prada! — but being the personal assistant to a titan of industry who’s also single is even more thankless, according to Netflix’s new romantic comedy Set It Up. Stressed out by their bosses with no personal lives, Everybody Wants Some!! co-stars Glen Powell and Zoey Deutch hatch a plan: What if they set up the high-powered sports reporter (Lucy Liu) with the business-exec single dad (Taye Diggs)? One office romance begets another, and soon we’re all at a Yankees game rooting for a kiss-cam to work its magic!”

Well, doesn’t that sound good or what!? The Netflix original movie will be availble for streaming on June 15th. Check out the full first trailer for the film below!


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