Team 10’s Chance Sutton is getting ready for the release of his brand new Hulu original series. Chance’s new show ‘All Night‘ will premiere via Hulu on Friday, May 11th!

The ten episode series will follow an all night lock-in graduation party of new grads who will do whatever they have to do to make their remaining high school dreams come true. Chance’s character, Bernie (AKA Drunk Bro Jock) starts as a guy on a mission to have the night of his entire life. Sex and drinking are a must for this guy, but it ends up he drinks to much and ends up being a carried around by his jock friends or stuck in his school mascot costume.

The show was produced byย Brian Dannelly (Struck by Lightening, Saved!, Speechless) and created by Jason Ubaldi (Youth and Consequences, Treasure Hunters, Dream on). Starring Jen McAllister, Jake Short, Tetona Jackson, Allie Grant, Chester Rushing, Tom Maden, and many more, the show is expected to do incredibly well!

I couldn’t be more excited and proud of Chance on this new acting venture of his, I’m so excited for the new show! For more info on the show, click here!