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It’s their first release of new music in nine months, and it sure was worth the wait! Alex and Drew (AKA The Chainsmokers) released their new single ‘Sick Boy‘ this past Wednesday,  bringing them to the best songs on the iTunes chart. The sound of the upcoming record and new hit are described to be “a really different sound that fans will get to hear more of shortly,” said Drew while the duo was speaking with Ryan Seacrest yesterday morning.

The message and story behind the new song is about “the struggle of identity in a crazy world,” and that couldn’t be more relatable. It’s no surprise that Alex and Drew were able to pull off a whole sound and still manage to be as amazing as they are, they’re the music of our generation. A powerful song like this is what the world needs right now, there is so much hate, so we need to be reminded to be true to who we are. Both men are extremely passionate about equality, spreading love, and being yourselves- and that’s the thing I love most about them. Though there aren’t many details on when a new studio album will drop, one can only hope that it’s soon!

Be sure to get a copy of ‘Sick Boy,’ and watch the video up on YouTube now! You can also head to the guys official website to get their hot new merch for 2018. Get ready, this is their year yet again! Are you excited for new music?