I am one of the most obsessive people with skin care, and if you know me you know how true that is! My skin and skin care regime are the most important things to me, and they definitely need to be one of your top priorities as well. Although some of the products I use are a bit pricey, I truly believe in splurging so you can get the things that work best for you.

My dear friend Gwyneth Paltrow and her incredible team at ‘goop’ sent me the greatest skin care essentials I have ever used on my skin, and they truly have changed my life. I’m very blessed and so thankful to be able to work with phenomenal brands such as this one, that are willing to send me many products to try. I know that not everyone has that luxury of this, but I wanted to give my followers and readers an in depth look at my exact ‘goop’ skin care routine. I have always struggled with breakouts, oily/dry skin, and acne itself, but ‘goop’ has most certainly simmered all that down. Although I do get breakouts and occasionally have acne like many teenagers, I’ve found that these products have helped me develop a routine that’s best for me and my skin.

Below, you can find out exactly how I use GP’s ‘goop’ products, along with some before and after photos of the results of what the line has done for my skin. I encourage you all to head over to the website to check the line out, because you never know how well something works until you try it. I hope this post finds you all well, and that you’re able to take something from it. Sending you all my love! xox


David’s ‘goop’ Skin Regime: 

  • When I first wake up, I head over to my bathroom sink and put the water on as cold as it can get. I then will splash my skin with the cold water for about 30 seconds and then pat dry. (My face seems to be, what I think of as “swollen” when I first wake up, so I feel that the cold water gets the puffiness and swelling down right away.) At night, I won’t do the cold water…I only do this in the morning.


  • After patting my face dry, I take my Luminous Melting Cleanser  and warm it up between my palms. I then will take it and apply it to my entire face and neck in circular motions, sort of massaging my face. After 20 seconds or so, I’ll take a warm wash cloth (I use my Cairo Towel Set that was designed exclusively for the goop shop) and remove it from my skin. At nighttime, I like to leave the cleanser on as a type of mask and will leave it on my skin for about 15-20 minutes while I relax. I take it off the same way at night as I do in the morning.


  • When I’m done removing the cleanser from my skin completely, I’ll either take my Mario Badescu (Rose Water or Green Tea) Facial Spray or Evian Facial Spray and spray it on my entire face and neck. I’ve been using these three facial sprays since my freshman year of high school, so I’ll always rotate them out and use whatever I’m in the mood for. I find that using a facial spray is creates a more dewy look for my skin, so I love it! For nighttime, I mainly use the Rose water…but sometimes it changes and I rotate just like the morning lol! (goop doesn’t have a facial spray, but they deff NEED one!!)


  • After I spray my face and neck, I’ll then take my Revitalizing Day Moisturizer   (while my face is still somewhat damp from the spray) and apply it to my entire face and neck as well. I find this moisturizer to be extremely lightweight, so I love how it’s the perfect amount for my morning/daytime look. Since this is a day moisturizer and it’s light like I said before, I’ll go with Sunday Riley’s Enzyme Water Cream for night. And if I’m having a really bad breakout or am struggling with acne at the moment, I’ll mix Sunday Riley’s UFO Facial Oil  with my day moisturizer from goop that’s above, AND do it at night with the enzyme water cream as well.


  • The final step to my routine, is where I apply my Perfecting Eye Cream. Before I do this though, I use a tip that many celebs use before award shows…involving freezing spoons, lol! This step is a go to for me because I also struggle with occasional dark circles and puffiness. As silly as putting spoons around and on your eyes sounds, it really does wonders. You can find a video that shows a similar way I do this, by clicking here. Following the spoon trick, I take my eye cream from above and apply it with my ring finger in a circular motion under my eyes and on the side of them as well.


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