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I have two little sisters along with a bunch of little cousins, and shopping for them is always such a fun thing to do! Kid’s are super easy (in my experiences) to get gifts for, so I wanted to share with you some of the places I previously have shopped at/and also will be shopping at for the kids this Christmas!


  • Build A Bear: This is the ultimate gift for any kid! I’m nineteen and still LOVE this place so much. I prefer to do gift cards and let the kids do their own making of the bear, picking out the clothes, etc. This is my #1 place! Click the link here.

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  • American Girl: The cutest dolls for boys or girls! I don’t believe in telling kids that certain toys are for boys or for girls, I think kids (and everyone) should be able to express themselves any way they want. The message is one of my favorites too, they’re always about being yourself and being the best version of you that you can be! Positive message and cute dolls? Yes please! Click the link here.

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  • Toy’s R US: This is another great place to go (in store or online) to get toys for kids as well! They have such a wide variety of everything and that’s what I love about them. You can go here (or online) and find almost anything your child or a kid wants, and the affordable price is even better! Click the link here.

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  • Hatchimals: My little sisters are OBSESSED with these things! Though I’m not exactly sure what they are, they’re adorable and it makes me so happy to see how excited my sisters get when they get to buy some new ones. Happiness for the kids and a smile for me to see them so happy? Love it! Click the link here.

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