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It was so much fun getting to talk with my friend Tara who also runs an incredible blog of her own, The TL BlogTara’s blog features all things home decor, makeup, travel, and lifestyle. Scroll down to read our chat together, and be sure to keep up with Tara on Instagram as well. Thank you for talking with me Tara, I adore you! xox


David: Hey Tara! Thank you so much for taking some time to chat with me, I love talking with fellow bloggers! How are you?

Tara: I’m great, thanks! : )


David: So, how did you first get into blogging and social media?

Tara: Around the time Instagram came out I meet a blogger who already had a lifestyle blog up and running. She asked me to be a contributor, it sounded like fun so I said yes. For about 3 and half years I contributed to her blog mainly writing about local events that were happening in Toronto and recent travels I had been on. It was a lot of fun but I also learned writing a blog post from beginning to end and all that went into it was a lot of work, you really don’t realize what goes into blogging until you actually do it yourself. I then decided it was time to have my own platform, so in October 2015, the TL blog was born. If you haven’t already caught on TL are my initials, I wanted to keep my blog name simple and also something people could easily pronounce and remember. The TL blog is about me sharing the things I love with others, so I thought the TL blog made the most sense.


David: Your blog The TL Blog, is one of my favorites (and I’m not just saying that)! You incorporate so many things into it, do you have a favorite thing to write about most?

Tara: I just enjoy being able to share things I really like and love with others. I love writing and talking about travel as I have been fortunate enough to travel to many places over the years. I also of course love sharing beauty products I use and love!


David: Let’s talk about your Instagram…I am OBSESSED with it! I’m not even kidding when I say this, but I literally have your post notifications on because I love seeing all the things you do and use on a daily basis. Do you prefer Twitter or Instagram more? For me personally, I prefer Instagram. I think it’s just so much more fun and inspiring!

Tara: I never got into Twitter, I’m definitely more of a visual and creative person. I always liked Instagram.


David: What are some of your current beauty must-haves?

Tara: Chanel Hydra Beauty Cream, Kiehl’s eye alert eye cream, Benefit Hoola Bronze, Chanel Le Volume Mascara, Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Pomade for eyebrows, Glossier Bamb Dot Com lip balms.


David: Do you have a morning and night skin care regime?

Tara: I use Chanel day and night cream, I also use the Chanel HYDRA BEAUTY Serum, it’s like giving your fave a glass of water. I also love Kiehl’s eye alert eye cream.


David: I love seeing how much you’re into beauty, have you ever thought about starting your own line of products or something along those lines? Imagine having a line called ‘TL by Tara Leydon’….um, perfect!

Tara: Haha I would love that! Something like that has definitely been on my mind.


David: We both are bloggers and I really think there is a misconception about what we do. I feel like people just think we sit on a computer and use social media, but that’s not even remotely close to all we do. Do you ever feel like that as well?

Tara: Yes for sure, I think often what people don’t understand they criticize and belittle. That being said I think you need to realize there’s always going to be people that will criticize but you just have to keep doing what you love and stay true to yourself.


David: Can you offer some advice to aspiring bloggers who hope to make it big in the industry someday?

Tara: I would say again, stay true to yourself and share the things you love with others. It’s not an easy industry by any means and it can be frustrating at times but if you love what you’re sharing and it genuinely makes you happy then you should keep doing it.