blk Isn’t Just Water, It’s A Hot Piece Of Art


It’s the water that’s been a hot topic since it’s release- and it isn’t just normal water, it’s a hot piece of art that’s become the latest fashion and hydrating accessory. Made from fulvic trace minerals from the earths core, it’s simply iconic. Blk just collaborated with one of fashions hottest magazine, Flaunt, and also incorporated itself into the biggest art event in the world, Art Basel in Miami this past weekend.

As you can imagine, Miami turned into a blk fest..and the people loved it. While Miami can be one of the most humid places in the states, blk obviously kept every single artist, influencer, designer, and the crowd hydrated in the best way possible, in style. While keeping the guests hydrated, they also had the new cultural and punk fun DJ Sitan Abellan spin the entire night. She’s one of the most impactful DJ’s in the fashion and art industry and as you can imagine, fit right in with blk.

Photos from the event can be found below. You can also click here to learn more about DJ Sitan Abellan. Oh, and if you still don’t understand how iconic blk really is? Get educated quick people. XOX






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