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I feel like I have a go-to scent for whatever I do or wherever I go, I love it! I’m not sure if you guys are the same way, but I always make sure I have some sort of fragrance on me; perfume, body spray, etc. Below, you can find my go-to scents for the things I do. What’re some of your favorites?

XO Diva D


  • A normal day at home: As silly as it sounds, I still always wear a fragrance (even when I’m doing nothing, lol!) This scent is a bit calm, but still smells very good. Britney Spears’ Midnight Fantasy, click here.


  • A date: For a date I don’t want the smell to be to strong, but just right. Goop is my go-to for this when, love it! Click here.


  • A concert: For a concert, I usually wear something strong because I want everyone to smell what I’m wearing lol! For this, I go for Calvin Klein Euphoria. Click here.


  • A day at the beach: For this, I’ll wear a body spray. I have so many body sprays, but my favorite is Britney Spears’ Island Fantasy. Click here.