I got to talk with the beautiful and kind Cayley King a few days back, and I cannot get over how sweet she is! Cayley is signed with one of the biggest and well-known modeling agencies in the world- IMG. The world better get ready because Cayley is on her way to world domination with the charm and motivation she has.

Make sure you follow Cayley on Instagram to get the latest scoop on what she’s up to. I hope you all enjoy our conversation as much as I did.
XO Diva D
David: Hey Cayley! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me, I’m really excited about this. So, how did you first get into the modeling industry and how were you discovered?
Cayley: You’re welcome it’s my pleasure. I first got in the modeling industry because of my dad, he submitted pictures of me online, and my first agency invited me to there office in Chicago and I met them, they liked me and then signed me. I was 14.
David: You’ve done so many photo shoots now, but have you had a favorite or most memorable one?
Cayley: I recently did a shoot in Mexico with the brand Solid and Striped, it was amazing I met the most amazing people shooting and we all had ton of fun!
David: Do you have a specific photographer or company you’d like to shoot with that you haven’t yet?
Cayley: My dream is to shoot with VS, hopefully one day!
David: Have you had a career highlight thus far?
Cayley: Walking the Versace show made me feel so powerful as a woman and walking alongside so many big names in the industry was so humbling.
David: What do you think you’d be doing if you weren’t modeling?
Cayley: I’d probably be in school studying something….
David: I feel like you’re always doing photo shoots or traveling, what do you like to do on your free time though?
Cayley: I love hanging out with my friends and when I can going home to visit my family.
David: Do you have a favorite place to travel or vacation to?
Cayley: I kind of travel wherever the wind takes me I’ve never really been to a place more than once. I want to go the Greece with my mom soon though.
David: For someone that is always on the go and traveling, you have AMAZING skin boo! What is your morning/nigh skin routine? Do you have any go-to products if you break out or just in general that you always have with you?
Cayley: Haha thank you. I don’t really have a specific routine I’ve always been blessed with good skin. But I do wash my face daily with Clean & Clear’s deep action exfoliating scrub you can find it at any drug store. I’ve I have a  random blemish that shows up that I need to get rid of I use a tea tree oil stick. My moisturizer I use everyday is the Clinique smart night custom repair moisturizer.
David: What are five essentials you have with you when traveling or leaving home?
Cayley: Same as what I named before, also razors, deodorant, tide to go stick, and chapstick.
David: Let’s play a little game to find out some of your favorite things, is that okay!?
Cayley: Let’s do it!
David: Favorite female and male musician?
Cayley: Rihanna, Justin Bieber
David: Favorite food and snack?
Cayley: Mac’n’cheese , i like almonds.
David: Three favorite books?
Cayley: The Summer I Turned Pretty series.
David: Favorite place in your hometown of Indiana?
Cayley: My grandma’s.
David: That was fun, haha! Now, two more questions! Do you have any advice for aspiring models?
Cayley: Have thick skin, it’s not an easy industry to work in there is a lot of criticism, but if you can take it it’s worth it.
David: What is your favorite quote or life-moto?
Cayley: Treat others the way you’d want to be treated.