It was so much chatting with my new friend Parson James about his music, background, having the courage to come out at such a young age, and his new music! Parson’s newest single drops THIS Friday and I couldn’t be more excited for you guys to hear it. Since I’ve had the chance to listen to it prior to it being released to the public, I can tell you one thing and one thing only- IT IS AMAZING. The vocals, emotion, and rawness is beautiful, I know you guys are going to love it.

Scroll below and you can read the exclusive chat Parson and I had! Be sure to purchase Parsons’s newest single tomorrow, and don’t forget to follow him on Instagram and Twitter for the latest deets on what he’s doing.

XO Diva D


David: Hey Parson, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me for my blog! You’ve been so busy recording music lately, how have you been?

Parson: Hey David! of course, I appreciate you taking the time to chat with me! I’ve been really good! I’ve been going through quite a few changes this year but I’m finally starting to feel some clarity and stability. I’ve been adjusting to single life, Life in LA and writing constantly. I just got back from a really brilliant writing trip in Nicaragua with some incredible artists and writers and that was so therapeutic. This year threw some curve balls but things are looking up.


David: Your new single “Only You” sounds incredible, where did you come up with the inspiration for this song?

Parson: So earlier this year, I went through a pretty brutal breakup. I had been with my partner for about 3 years and he was truly my best friend. we met at a time where I was still struggling to make music and to even live. then within a few months I was signed, had this successful record and Life changed drastically. so everything about our union was a complete whirlwind in the best ways and worst. ultimately we started hurting each other a lot and some infidelities/drinking issues came about that pretty much sealed our fate and caused some resentment. my initial instinct was to escape. so I fled to LA and left him behind thinking that I would heal best that way. the reality was that this place is isolating and lonely… and so this Record came about initially as a yearning to get him back bc I didn’t think I could be loved by anyone else. even tho our situation was toxic I thought I didn’t deserve anything else. now, months later, my sentiments have changed and when I look at this record I think of it as a song to myself. I lost a part of myself in that relationship and I am slowly but surely finding my way back to that missing piece. learning to love myself as much as I want to be loved.


David: You released your song “Sad Song” back in October of 2016, it’s very catchy! Your newest single sounds a bit more low tempo and I really like it. Do you feel like you’re in a different place now then when you wrote “Sad Song”?

Parson: Haha, sad song was very sassy and my moment to stick it to someone who had wronged me. this Record and records coming forth I have went back to basics. I genuinely think I shine most when I’m honest and vulnerable. That’s simply because that is the type of music that made me fall in love with songwriting and music. So I’m making an effort to tell the stories as i remember them and make that the most important piece and build the Sonics around that.


David: I really relate to your story, coming from a sort of small community and being gay. Personally, I struggled a lot and find myself still doing so. Was it hard for you to come out?

Parson: It was definitely a struggle. look, I always say this. no opinion is going to be unanimous and knowing that now as an adult it’s helped me so much with loving myself. as a kid, though, when you factor in a community that is heavily homophobic paired with the natural cruel behaviors you experience as a youth by your peers anyway it’s incredibly difficult. I was basically raised by my single mother in tandem with my great grandmother when my mom was working several jobs to support us. those 2 women were my absolute everything while I was growing up. I never wanted to disappoint or upset them. so that’s where my fear was, beacuse of the beliefs of our community. my mom was physically ejected out of her home because she was in an interracial relationship with my father. if anyone felt judgment on who you love it was her. even knowing that the pressures of where I grew up were so intense that i still kept my sexuality a secret. finally when it got to a point where it was beginning to emotionally abuse me, I told my mom. and I wish I had done it so much earlier because she simply flew me home just to give me a hug. once she was told and okay with it, I never came out to anyone else because I didn’t feel I needed to. I could now just freely live without care or concern of what others thought. I realize that not everyone has that experience and I sympathize so much with those individuals. I have dedicated my platform to promoting self love and celebration of self now. though every situation/family is different the act of loving yourself will shine through in the biggest way and those who are meant to be in ur life and who Genuinely love you will be through any and everything.


David: I also love Britney Spears a lot, I know you mentioned that she was your idol when you were younger! Her music truly has changed my life and has made me accept myself in a lot of ways, do you still look up to her?


Parson: I LOVE BRITNEY. Always have. Always will. She’s just a testament to survival in this industry and she wore her heart on her sleeve her entire career. There is a vulnerability that comes with Brit that I don’t think is appreciated enough but it has certainly kept her relevant and a force still 20 years later.


David: Like I said, your music is very honest. What type of music can we expect on your debut album? Will there be a certain sound or tone for the record?

Parson: My influences for this record were storytellers. Amy Whinehouse, Bill withers, Johnny cash. My first ep was therapy for me to deal with things I hadn’t from my childhood and past. This record is coming off the back of an extremely hurtful breakup. as always, I try to find light in any dark situation. So the record will be a harrowing yet hopeful tale of the aftermath of losing your best friend. your first love. and the emotions and daily experiences that come with that.


David: Since you are openly gay, are you going to touch base with that in your new music for the album? I feel like there aren’t a lot of males in the music industry that are comfortable talking about being with and loving men, the only one I can really think of is Sam Smith.

Parson: From day one, my first solo single “Sinner Like You” addressed my openness. the opening line was “mama I sinned again, I went to bed with another man, I know the town won’t understand but will you still hold my hand”? That song was a poem turned song about my coming out. I’ve never scaled back in terms of sexuality. I tell my stories as they are. I am a gay man, so I will never generalize a pronoun in order to make it more digestible for people. it has to be true and honest to myself before I am comfortable putting it out into the world. so to answer your question, absolutely.


David: Are there any other artists in the industry you’d like to collaborate with?

Parson: Oh my god yes. I LOVE Lèon. We’re friends now but I still fan girl over her even though she doesn’t know it. Such a voice. I also love Portugal, the man. Incredible vocal and writing I think we would make something brilliant. And my biggest dream of all time is Dangermouse. Hands down my favorite writer/producer/artist. Brilliant mind.


David: When can we expect the album from you? I’m so eager to hear more music from you!

Parson: “Only You” drops Friday! And then we’re rolling out 2 more singles in the next 3 months or so before dropping the Record in the spring. I am thrilled to share it with everyone and so thankful for you listening!!