In honor of my girl Taylor releasing her sixth studio album, ‘Reputation’, I spoke with some of the biggest Swifites about ALL THINGS TAYLOR SWIFT, DUH! This is the Swifties Reputation Take Over on XO Diva D!

Be sure to cop the new album, here. We love you Tay!

XO Diva D


David: What’s the first memory that you have of starting your love for Taylor?

@TSUpdatesNY: The first memory I have of loving Taylor, was when she performed at the AMA’s when preforming “Blank Space”. After that, I couldn’t get it out of my head. Month or two later, I purchased 1989. I loved it so much that I then bought all of her other albums, best decision ever. I’ve loved Taylor to this day ever since!


David: What’s one thing you love most about this era so far?

@TSUpdatesNY: There are so many things I love about this era. My favorite thing is that she isn’t afraid of “taking back her narrative”, after everything that has happened throughout the years. My favorite thing promo wise, is the black and white colors for this era.


David: If you could tell Taylor one thing right now, what would it be?

@TSUpdatesNY: If I could tell Taylor one thing, it would be that this era is her best yet. She isn’t afraid to do what she wants to do. She doesn’t give anything to the media, but she is still staying loyal and friendly to her fans. She is literally doing better than she ever was.



David: What song are you most excited to hear on, ‘Reputation’?

@TSwiftLA: It’s so hard to choose just one song because I have been waiting to hear this album for 3 years now so I am beyond excited, but just based off the tracklist I am super excited to hear “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” because who wouldn’t be excited to hear a song with that title?!


David: How do you think the album is going to sound, extremely different from other eras, or similar? I feel like T always keeps it fresh for us, something new all the time!

@TSwiftLA: Taylor always like to surprise us and she always says she does not like to make the same record twice, which is already true based off the four songs we do have. I think that the sound will have references to the past eras, but will definitely not be similar. I can’t wait to see what direction she takes this album!


David: Out of the songs that have been released thus far (excluding LWYMMD and RFI) which would you want for the next music video and why?

@TSwiftLA: ‘Call It What You Want’ hands down!! I loved that 30 second video she posted the night the song was dropped was and if we got a whole video like that (with personal home videos) I think it would be one of my favorite Taylor videos ever. I love that kind of personal content and I feel like it would go perfectly with the song.



David: What does it mean to you to have such an incredible role model like Taylor?

Jess/@JTMaster13: Taylor has always been such a driving force in my life. Her music, and her character are something I always look up to. Her music is something I find in every single part of my life right when I need it most. Whether it’s a celebration, or a rough patch I am going through. If I’m angry about something, no matter what is going on in my life and what I am feeling, Taylor’s music has always been there. In some way, she is always a part of my life. And it’s because of her that I have changed for the better. She has given me such a new outlook on life. She inspires me every single day to be the best version of me that I can be.


David: Is there a certain song in particular you look forward to hearing most?

Jess/@JTMaster13: I am really looking forward to hearing New Year’s Day. I cannot wait to hear this emotional masterpiece!


David: What has been your favorite part of this era so far?

Jess/@JTMaster13: Honestly? I love how straightforward this era has been. Taylor is happier than ever, and she is letting it be known. She is shouting it from the rooftops and she is truly free from what the media and the critics have to say about her. What I truly love, is how she is focusing on herself, her happiness, and the fans. That connection, that mutual love and respect that she has for us as we do her is something that I will always admire.