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I think most of us can relate to this horrible thing, acne. Since I was about thirteen or fourteen I have struggled with acne and frequent break-outs. Though I still break-out, it has definitely improved and I am so thankful for that!

After dealing with acne for a few years, I finally have found a routine that works best for me and my skin. Below, you can find the five things I do when I start to break out. I’m not sure if these tips will work for you, but maybe give them a try if nothing else seems to be working.

XO Diva D


  1. When I notice that I’m starting to breakout, I imminently up my water in take. Although I drink a ton of water on the daily, our skin needs to be kept hydrated just like us!
  2. If the acne is extremely red, I take a face cloth and soak it in cold water for about a minute or so. I then will apply the face cloth and let it sit for about 5-10 minutes. After that, I usually repeat this twice a day.
  3. White heads make a common appearance on me, so I always use my Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. What I love most about this product besides it really working, is that it’s super affordable and it’s not messy or hard to use. I’ll put some of this on a white head over night or during the day if I’m being lazy, and then in the morning or later in the day that bad boy is gone! I literally would die if I didn’t have this stuff!
  4. Sometimes if my breakout is really bad, I’ll put gloves on so I don’t touch my face or pick. I know that seems nuts, but that helps the temptation!
  5. I change my sheets every two days if the breakout is bad also, lol!