Hey loves, I hope you all had a great week! I am so excited to share this exclusive interview with my beautifully talented friend, Dana Wright. Dana’s music is on repeat for me, and I know it will be for you guys too. This girl has a voice and I am so excited for everyone to hear it and get to know her. Read our chat below and don’t forget to give her a follow on Instagram and Soundcloud to be kept in the loop on all things Dana. Thank you so much again for taking the time to chat with me Dana, love you forever boo!

XO Diva D


David: Hey Dana! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me for my blog, I’m so excited! For those who might not be to familar with you yet, can you tell me how you started out in the music industry?

Dana: My pleasure boo!! I was obsessed with music and it was the only thing I really focused on so eventually every single person I hung out with and knew was involved in music or was in a band. There was a very big music scene pre Drake (lol) in Toronto as far as bands go.


David: For a couple of years or so you played in a band called Dentata and then went on as a solo artists to make your own music. What was it like going from a band to being completely solo and having full control of yourself and your music?

Dana: Once the band ended I didn’t really know how to continue doing music and I was so used to just writing a song on guitar and then bringing it to a band. I had to spend 2 years in the studio learning how to create beats and sounds and structures and melodies, it was a whole other ball game then my punk band.  I also didn’t really know what my identity was supposed to be so I felt very held back by that but eventually I just realized that you really can’t listen to anybody but yourself and to just go with who you are and what you want. It took me a really long time to get to where I’m at now and confident with who I am as a solo artist and I’ve only just gotten started 😛


David: Your song Head is literally on repeat at my house and in my car, it’s always in my head (lol!) When did you write that song and what is it about for you?

Dana:That was one of the first songs I wrote once I started to work on my solo project. I used to (and still do lol) have an obsession with male strippers and I ended up dating one for a minute and he ended up being a waste of time. It really wasn’t that serious but I wrote that song because I wanted him out of my head. That’s also why the first line is “What am I doing with a hustler like you?”


David: You described your upcoming album to be R&B, how is it coming along? I am dying to hear a full album from you boo!

Dana: I’m so happy that you are stoked on my new music. It means a lot to me. It’s definitely not going to be r&b. I really want to use my past musical project that was punk and hard and mix it with modern urban r&b/trap type beats. I want to bring back that band element as well and have it be more Dentata. I want it to make an impact and give people something that they aren’t getting and don’t even necessarily know they need yet.
David: Who are your musical inspirations?

Dana: Eminem and Marilyn Manson. Forever and always.


David: Do you have any dream collaborations you’d like to do with anyone in the music industry?

Dana: Oh my god so many. I am lucky enough to be able to say I sang guest vocals on Manson’s new upcoming album and that was my biggest dream come true ever. Otherwise people I’d love to work with are Trent Reznor, DMX, Pouya, Eminem, Missy Elliott, Lil Kim, Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit, $uicide boy$, 50 Cent, Dr.Dre, etc. I’d also really, really love to work with Jimmy Iovine in any capacity. I feel like he is responsible for all of my favourite artists being allowed to express themselves truly and genuinely and I wish there were more people like him in the music industry. I deal with so many sheep who are afraid to take a risk on something different and it pisses me off.


David: I follow you on Instagram and am so obsessed with your style, it literally leaves me slayed after seeing what you’re wearing! Where does your fashion inspiration come from? Have you always been into fashion?

Dana: I’ve always loved putting outfits together. My inspiration comes from different movie characters and rock stars. I love spontaneity. I love to hunt for special things and I always have really good luck finding one of a kind things. I can appreciate designers and their craft but I much prefer style over fashion. Personal style is so important to me. You can buy something for $5 and the way you style is can make it incredible but you can also buy something for $5,000 and unless you have style still look like a basic bitch.


David: Your skin is just like your style, FLAWLESS! What are your must have beauty routines? Do you have a skin routine for the morning/night?

Dana: You’re the best, I’m loving this. My most interesting beauty routine is that I dye my hair with squid ink because my hair is super light and I like it to be jet black but I don’t want to fry my hair. I like to keep it simple and wash my face with baby soap because it’s gentle and I moisturize with vitamin e. I’m also really into ‘life hacks’ though so I’m probably gonna try rubbing a peeled potato on my armpit I heard it makes it look nice hahahah.


David: I find you and your music to be very women empowering, do you consider yourself a feminist?

Dana: Fuck yeah I do. I have experienced so much in life and seen so much that has been wrong and unfair and I want to dedicate my life and my message to be about not being afraid of who you are, to always be honest and to stand up for yourself.  I think being a feminist means equality for all people, gay and straight men, trans, and all people not just specifically “women”. I think everyone should show respect for everyone because no person on this planet is any better then the other.