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There are so many makeup brands out there, expensive and affordable. I honestly don’t see anything wrong with splurging on some make up though, am I right!? I could go to places like Sephora or ULTA for hours, and I mean HOURS!

Makeup is so much fun to me, and their are so many different products you can get to experiment with and try out for a new look. I’ve listed a few of my all time fave makeup brands below, and it wasn’t easy! There are so many brands I love, which ones do you guys use?

XO Diva D


  • Ex 1 Cosmetics ( This is my go to for foundation, you can only order it online unless you live in the UK!





  • Anastasia Beverly Hills ( I love the Brow Wiz because my brows need to looked snatched honey! I also love the highlight palate with Nicole Mercer, I’m not sure if it’s still for sale but it’s a must have!