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I got to talk with the awesome and super dope Dillon Rupp, you may also known as Dee Jay Rupp. If you guys haven’t, make sure you follow him on all his social media handles that I posted below. I hope you all enjoy this Q&A as much as I did doing it!

XO Diva D

Twitter- https://twitter.com/deejayrupp?lang=en

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/deejayrupp

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/rupp7

YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/user/DeejayRuppVEVO/



David- You started out in the industry at such a young age like some of your friends, what was that like and how did you first get into music?
Rupp- I was working on music in my grandfathers guest bedroom. I built a home studio. From then on I had the dream to make music. Luckily got a break, and an opportunity. From that moment I kept going.
David- You’ve released a few singles, my favorite being ‘Party of the Year’ with Jack & Jack. Have you started to put the finishing touches on your first album? When can us fans expect to get a full taste of what you’ve been working on for so long?
Rupp- well I’ve been switching my style up. So I started with rapping, and that led me into becoming a DJ. Once I became a DJ, I realized I wanted to produce music. That got me into making electronic music. So my new style is EDM. No telling when I can get an Album ready. First I want to show the fans some singles of my new style. So the people know what to expect in the future.
David- You started out rapping and then transitioned into DJing, what made you want to make that switch and do you enjoy one more than the other?
Rupp- well, I saw a market that I thought I’d have more influence in. Wanted to make a bigger impact. Everyone wants to be a rapper. But not everybody can be a Dj… I still rap, and write a lot of music-often making music for other artists.
David- You released a merch collection that was so bomb. I was so upset because it sold out so quick and couldn’t get anything! What is the summer drop of the ‘Rupp Collection’ going to include?
Rupp- Summer Visors, Camo Shorts, and some “Rupp” T-shirts. I think this collection of merch is the best yet.
David- Your single ‘Happy Now’ had a video featuring two women being the main love interest which I thought was so incredibly amazing and powerful. What made you want to have that concept for the video and how did it feel getting so much credit from the LGBTQ Community?
Rupp- well it was actually my manager Youssef Ali’s idea. He was also the producer on the film. He’s really big in the LGBTQ community. Often going to events and supporting the cause of people having their god given right.
David- One thing I love most about you is that no matter what, you’ve always remained humble and kind. How have you stayed so grounded throughout your career?
Rupp- I just haven’t felt like I’ve done enough to be a cocky arrogant guy. I always want more. So I think with that mindset, and hope, I never become that cocky guy.
David- You’ve been doing a few shows here and there, but have you thought about maybe getting all the OG boys like Sammy, the Jacks, etc, together and doing some shows with all of you? I think that would do awesome!
Rupp- It was discussed, but it’s harder than it looks. We all have our own lanes, and we’re all busy. I’d like to go on the road with those guys, they are my boys!
David- You’re so authentic and always are true to who you are. Do you have any advice for people who might be scared to be true to themselves because of people’s hate?
Rupp- Everyone has an opinion, even you yourself has an opinion. Don’t let people choose your fate. That’s up to you. At the end of the day only you know what you’re truly capable of.