I am so thrilled to share this interview I did with the amazingly talented, beautiful, kind, and inspiring Olivia Culpo! Some of you might know her from Miss Universe, her role in the movie ‘The Other Woman’, or social media. Olivia is one of favorite people ever, so to do this with her was so awesome! I want to thank her amazing team for being so supportive of my blog and giving me the chance to do this interview with her. I also want to thank Olivia for taking time out of her busy schedule to do this and for also believing in me! Be sure to follow Olivia on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@oliviaculpo). I hope you all enjoy the interview as much as I did doing it!

XO Diva D


David: You are so beautiful and have such great skin. Can you give the run down of your typical morning and night skin care routine?

Olivia: Aw thank you!

Night time: I use a clarisonic and lately I’ve been using Adore Organics cleanser. For face and eye cream I love Dr. Sturm. I like to use vitamin E oil to help heal any blemishes. If I’m going to use a face mask I use a sheet mask from SK II, that is really great for hydrating the skin.

Morning: I usually don’t wash my face in the morning, I’ll just use a splash of water. I like to use Kate Somerville eye cooling stick to help wake up under eye area and then I use any moisturizer with SPF. For a sun kissed look, I like to add Clarins glow booster drops to my moisturizer.


David: The quotes you post on Instagram are always so inspiring and make me smile even when I’m having a bad day, do you have a favorite quote or saying that you read or remember when you need to hear something positive?


Olivia: I am always finding new quotes and looking for new things to share. I feel like every day I have a new favorite! I think one of my favorite quotes right now is by Marianne Williamson: “Gratitude is an opener of locked up blessings.”


David: You are always on the go and manage to stay in such good shape. Do you workout while you’re traveling and how do you manage to still keep your fitness/diet routine while traveling?


Olivia: I try to work out when I travel but it can be difficult because I usually have to rely what’s in a hotel gym. I usually run, or sometimes travel with resistance bands or a jump rope for easy workouts that you can do anywhere. When I’m not traveling I usually prefer to do pilates, barre, hiking, or cycling. I’m not too picky when it comes to workouts! I just like to switch it up for a little variety.


David: I follow you on Instagram and love seeing all your posts, especially when you’re doing a face or sheet mask. Do you have any favorites?


Olivia: I have a lot of favorite masks! I love SK II sheet masks, Adore Organic sheet masks, and anything from La Mer. I also love doing an at- home mask with avocado, oats, and almond oil.


David: I live in Massachusetts which is about an hour away from where you grew up in Rhode Island. For someone that wants to be/work in the entertainment industry as a career such as myself, do you have any advice on how to get where we want to be while still being happy?


Olivia: I think my best piece of advice is to seize every opportunity and maximize any situation to take you one step closer to your goal. You never know where one door might lead you so keep an open mind and don’t give up. The best way to be happy while doing this is to be grateful! Also something I always like to tell myself is “if it’s not fun then don’t do it.” If working toward your goals isn’t making you happy then you have to ask yourself if you’re really trying to achieve and why. When we feel drained or unhappy pursuing a goal it may be because we are pushing ourselves for the wrong reasons.


David: You’ve spoken out about bullying and for someone like myself that’s in high school it can be hard to deal with and ignore. How do you deal with online bullies or people in general that try and tear you down?


Olivia: I think it’s so important to understand and remember that usually people who are saying mean things are not coming from a positive place. They are suffering on the inside and as a result of that they try to tear down other people around them. In reality, bullies are suffering a lot, otherwise they wouldn’t need to make other people feel sad. I try to ignore mean comments and instead concentrate on the thoughtful feedback that I get from people in real life who actually know me, not strangers on the internet. I know this is so hard and I feel terrible for people who suffer from online bullying. Always have a support system that you can talk to because it’s not easy and it can be hard to ignore.


David: I watched you on Food Networks ‘The Kitchen’ and loved the recipes you did on there, they looked so good! You said that your Dad owned restaurants as you were growing up, do you see yourself following your Dads footsteps and going into the restaurant business ever?


Olivia: I actually have a restaurant opening this summer in Rhode Island! I’ve always been so passionate about food so I partnered with my dad and cousin on this restaurant and I can’t wait to see all of our work come together. It’s called the Back 40 🙂


David: There are so many people in the industry that have come from a small town such as you but have let it get to their head and change them, you aren’t like that. How do you stay so humble and kind and do you think you are the way you are because of how you were raised?


Olivia: Wow thanks! I’m so grateful to my parents for always making me understand the importance of family. They have taught me so much about what is really important in life and what it really takes to be happy. I’ve always been reminded that it’s the love you share that’s important not the money, luxuries, or material possessions.