I am so excited to finally share this interview with you all! This has been so hard to keep to myself, so I am so happy that I am finally posting it. Read below for my exclusive interview with my favorite guys ever, The Chainsmokers below along with all their social media handles!




  • You guys just wrapped up your first big tour in Queens New York the other night, what was it like going city to city every night and getting to put on such an awesome show like you guys did?
It was a truly amazing experience. At times it was very challenging but it was always rewarding. One thing we learned is no matter how tired we felt or run down, it wasn’t about us, it was about the crowd, and every night our fans brought it and it made every show exceptional!
  • I got to see you guys on the MDNO Tour in Rhode Island and it honestly was one of the best shows I have ever been to. Did you guys have a favorite city you went to on this tour?
Well thank you! That was a real surprise for us, we had never played a show that big there and we weren’t sure how it was going to go but the energy was next level. Ah you know we can never pick a favorite but one show did stick out, in Montreal, it might have been our best show in our entire career.
  • “Memories…Do Not Open” came out back in April and the album has so many awesome tracks on, my favorite being “Wake Up Alone.” What was the process  of recording the album and how long did it take you guys to make?
It took us about 3 months to put it together and 1.5 of those 3 months was super super intense. We had never done an album before so every step was really new and challenging. We were used to working on a song at a time and this was working on 12 songs, and trying to find new exciting ways to make each song unique and stand out. It was definitely a trail and error process but we learned a lot about ourselves and think the process itself was invaluable and very fulfilling.
  • You guys won a well deserved Grammy for Best Dance Recording for your song “Don’t Let Me Down,” what was that like?
Surreal, of course when we won it, we were stuck in traffic, but that was just such a perfect ending to an amazing run with that song and working with Daya. We couldn’t have asked for a better ending!
  • Do you guys have a male or female artist that you’d love to do a feature with? I’m a huge Britney Spears fan….so maybe you guys can hit her up? Lol! 😉
Our list is so long, there are so many artists we wish to work with and Britney is great. At the moment we have our eyes set on this singer Sigrid who is just amazing!
  • I just saw that you guys signed a deal with ‘Tommy Hilfiger,’ that’s fucking awesome! What was your reaction to finding out they wanted to do something with you guys?
Disbelief. Tommy is such an amazing brand, and universal at that, so to think they wanted us to be involved with them didn’t feel real. We are just so honored and really are looking forward to it!
  • I’ve never gotten to meet you guys in person, but you guys are two of the nicest and humble people in the industry. How do you stay so kind and positive with the world we live in today?

We have our family and friends to thank for that. Obviously its easy to get caught up but we try our best to remember our roots and just appreciate everything that’s happening and those around us, and thank you for saying that!


  • Can us fans expect new music from you guys soon?
We are always working on music, always!