Kourtney Kardashian Barker and her iconic family are known to be a conversation starter, but is it really in the way they deserve to be talked about? Running past the bullshit rumors, lies, and overly invasive when it comes to respecting privacy, this family has done a lot more than you think. And while most may like to say “they don’t know what real work is,” I suggest you take a long look in the mirror and see if there’s more in your life that you could be doing bedsides judging a family you probably know nothing about.

With that be said… Ms. Kourtney is already coming in hot with a new product for her vitamin and supplement brand, “Lemme.” With her new venture not even being out for a full month, the queen is keeping busy with the brands newest family remember, Lemme Debloat.

The product is described as “a first-of-its-kind digestive gummy packed with 2 clinically-studied probiotics and a prebiotic,” the brand revealed on Instagram yesterday. “Significantly reduce bloating, feel your best after meals, and support a healthy gut,” were three of the benefits mentioned.

Lemme officially launched on September 27th welcoming three products; Lemme Matcha, Lemme Focus, and of course- Lemme Chill. Think that’s it? No doll, there’s more… keep up. The Mom of three also launched an collaboration with UK based brand, boohoo, for a variety of designs and outfits that’ll give you that Kardashian-Barker feel you’re dreaming of.

Lemme Debloat drops October 11th only at!