Jack Gilinsky stepped away from the spotlight, but that’s about tp change. Jack is now getting ready to soon take over the US with his newest venture, “Beach Day.” The drink, which can be found at select locations in North Carolina and Los Angeles, comes in two flavors; Beach Peach and Berry Beach. While there isn’t an official release date for the drink of the summer, the company will hopefully make its way throughout the US in the coming months.

The twenty-five year old has been on a bit of a hiatus since the pandemic hit in 2020, but that sure hasn’t stopped the grind. Jack also stepped into the podcast world with his best friends Jack Johnson, Sammy Wilk, and Bruce. Outta Pocket Podcast, dives deep into the world of the guys and lets fans in on a bit more personal side of the four.

Gilinsky has been no stranger to sharing his story in hopes to help others, so it’s quite refreshing to see someone with an enormous amount of strength and vulnerability find their shine again. The world can be a cruel and dark place, but people like Jack make us realize that good people still exist. Here’s to Jack and his newest venture- looking forward to seeing what else is in store for this year!

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