If you’ve been following my blog from the start, you know I am a MAJOR skincare lover. Over the past nine to ten years I have been on the hunt for the best products that won’t cause me to break out or burst into redness. I can finally say that after all those years I have finally found a routine that works best for me and my skin. Being the skincare lover I am, I am all about incorporating the must-haves to give myself that extra boost of glow and frankly, confidence.

Everybody has different skin so it’s tough to say which products are best for you, but it really is just a trial and error test you have to go through. Some people have a three step routine while others may have a ten to fifteen step routine, and yes- there are people out there who have even more steps! It’s all about what’s good for you and your skin. The hardest thing for me has always been finding a good moisturizer that won’t make me break out and I have finally found one that doesn’t.

Right now my skincare regime is about six to seven steps and includes a few different brands that I absolutely in love with. It depends on the week, and really the day, of how many steps my regime is because sometimes my skin can be all over the place! I am in no way a skincare expert, but I do feel like I mastered a good routine with tips along the way.

Cosmedica skincare was the first brand I found a good moisturizer for my skin that did NOT make me break out. Technically it’s called a serum, but I apply it as a daily moisturizer. I typically will use the serum by itself every morning and then at night I will go ahead and use it, but mix it with the Jan Marini Face Serum and Face Cream. The reason I mix the products together is because my skin is beyond sensitive, but also prone to acne and dryness. When I mix the three it’s like I’m giving my face the most refreshing gift in life- seriously.

On top of the serum from Cosmedica, I will also use their Rose Gold Serum in the morning to give a highlight glow type vibe for the day. One thing I love most about this serum is that it can be worn alone and it looks great. Once a week I will also go ahead and use the Derma Roller; something I finally figured out how to use a year ago-lol!!

So with all of that being said, I’m sure you can see I could go on and on and on about all types of products I love. Like I said before, everyone has different skin, so it all depends on what works for you and your skin. One thing I can promise you, though, is that Cosmedica Skincare has something for everyone. I wanted to share this because it took me so long to find something that actually worked for me.

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