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That time of year is officially here… get ready to shop people!

I’m so excited to finally put out my annual XO Christmas Catalog and share some of my favorite companies, brands, and items with you! One of the coolest things about this, is that there’s something for everyone; kids, family, parents, women, men, EVERYONE.

All of these brands are ones I’ve not only worked with, but also ones that I haven’t that I still love! I want to thank everyone that got involved and participated in this years catalog… it means the world to me. Without the support of my readers, followers, and the companies that have believed in me from the start- I wouldn’t be able to do this.

So here we go people, the 2019 XO Christmas Catalog is live!


  • Kitu Life: Super Coffee– For any coffee lover that you know! They offer creamer, espresso, and bottled coffee that are much healthier than your average sugary drinks. My favorite? The Maple Pumpkin!

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  • H&M– This is by far my favorite clothing store in the world! H&M has every single style that you can think of, all for an affordable price too. I’ve been shopping here since I was about twelve or thirteen and it still remains my favorite. The clothing is great quality and I just feel like I can express myself so much when wearing their pieces!

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  • European Spa Source– Have you ever wished you could go to a spa every single day and give yourself all the pampering you want? Well, you can! Offering a variety of ShowerSpa mists, and a Pillow Mist, you can make an at home spa in your shower and get just what you want, when you want, all from your home.

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  • Nectar– Sleep is important and so is what you’re sleeping on. Teaming up with Nectar has been so much fun and you can use my code XODAVID125 to get $125 off of your order today only! If you miss out on that code, you can use my code XODAVID100 to get $100 off your order now through December 5th.

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  • 1771 Living– Whether it be for your new mattress you purchase or for one you have at home, you do need some sheets, right?! These sheets bring you the most comfortable sleep (not kidding) and are so beyond soft. They also have a cute robe, comforter, towels, and pillows too!

Essential Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter

  • GEMS BY THE FOOT– I told you guys all about this incredible company and while their story is beyond inspiring, so are their pieces. These are perfect for anyone and come in a wide variety of designs that are to your liking.

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  • Patchology– Face masks, lip masks, cuticle masks, foot masks, eye gels, and more… what else could you want?! I have a ton of must-haves from this company, but my favorites are the Breakout Box and the Resorting Eye Night Gels.

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  • American Girl– There’s no denying that this company is one of the best gifts to make the kids smile, so of course you have to check them out! Getting to work with the company has been so rewarding and the best part about getting these for my little sisters is seeing their faces Christmas morning… the best!

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  • Nomad– With how much time we all spend our phones, of course we need to make sure we’re getting them charged and have something that’s accessible for us all with iPhones, Apple Watches, Power, Cables and more. This company not only offers some of the greatest looking items, but also at an affordable price with the highest of quality.

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  • Beauty Blender– The OG company that EVERY makeup lover needs! While the company started out with just the best sponges, they’ve expanded so much since the launch with foundation, primer, setting spray, and other beauty tools to get the job done in the greatest and easiest way possible.

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  • First Aid Beauty– This is by far one of my favorite companies for skincare, especially their Charcoal Cleanser. They offer an extremely wide variety of skincare products and makeup… so there’s something for everyone!

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  • Good American– Everyone needs a pair of jeans in their life, but we also need GREAT quality. GA is one of the greatest companies I’ve ever purchased from and the different styles of jeans they have are incredible and make you not only feel sexy, but look even sexier! They originally launched with jeans and tee’s, but now they’re dominating even more with a major variation of everything you want.

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  • myCharge– Portable chargers a MUST for me and so many others because we’re constantly on the go and using our devices like crazy. An affordable brand with high quality charging products? Yes please!

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  • Infinite CBD– CBD has been taking over the past two years more than ever and many benefits have been discovered when using CBD infused products. There are so many brands out there, but it’s important to have one that’s not only safe… but one that you can be sure to get use from. Gummies, CBD drops, Pet drops, Lip Balm, and more are some of the many products that you’ll love from this company.

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  • George The Jeweler– The holidays are the perfect time to show the ones just how much we love them, but getting something customized that they can have forever is even better. One of my friends, George, (who is a celebrity jeweler) creates the most beautiful pieces and will have you fall in love with everything he’s made.

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  • Steve Clayton Custom– If you have any musicians in your life, then you will definitely want to check this out. With custom gifts that you can create, you’ll be sure to see just how excited the music lovers will be when getting their own twist on the best of product.

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  • Beauty Lounge Med Spa– This is one of my favorite places in California, but also has some of my must-have products for my skincare regime. My friend Veronica, the best Master Injector Aesthetic Nurse Specialist, takes care of all beauty lovers and creates the best treatments for your skin type. Whether it be a gift card to the location or for the online store, you definitely need some TLC in your life!

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  • Too Faced– A makeup lovers dream and favorite company that they’ll love forever. Foundation, mascara, eye shadow palettes, lipstick, glosses, setting sprays, and more… what else could you want?!

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  •  Amazon– I don’t think this needs any introduction at all! I rarely do my shopping in stores because it’s just so much easier to do what you need to do online and it saves you the hassle of dealing with the hecticness of this time of year. Amazon has EVERYTHING and a majority of my gifts are bought from here; they really do have something for anyone and everyone.

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  • Mario Badescu– MB has to be one of the most iconic and well-known brands in the world, so of course your skincare lovers will need some their hottest items. Face masks, lip treatments, masks, facial sprays, toners, and more; they’ve got everything you need to have the best skincare routine.

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  • Snapfish– I’m a huge fan of making personable gifts because there’s nothing like seeing someone light up with the biggest smile on their face getting something so sincere. Just like Amazon, a huge part of my gifts are also bought on here… and don’t even get me started on the crazy deals they have!

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  • KKW Beauty & Fragrance– Step aside people… Kim Kardashian West is coming for those wallets this holiday season! With a beauty empire of her own (plus now a shape wear company; is there anything she can’t do?) you can get all the beauty essentials you need. Kardashian fans or lovers you know? Well here you go!

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  • Cosmedica Skincare– I’ve been using this brand of skincare since the launch and a lot of my friends have gotten into it too! One of my favorite women in the entire world, Khloé Kardashian, is also a fan of the company and we have the same favorite product too; Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum. The founder of the company, Lucia, is such a great friend of mine and I couldn’t be more proud of her and this company… she is the best!!

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  • Kohl’s– Another one of my favorite stores to shop at! Home decor, clothing, kids toys, fragrances, bedding, and everything else you’d dream of. Not only do you get everything that’s super stylish, but you can also get PAID to shop with Kohl’s Cash… like hello?! Go go go people!

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  • Planet Fitness– We know that a lot of people are about new years resolutions, so why not get a head start and get a gym membership for the people who want to get into shape or just to have some fun! A judgement free zone and something that you can do whenever you want.

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  • 22 Days Nutrition– A lot of people have a hard time finding a good protein powder, protein bars, or even meal plans; rest assured you will love 22! The powders and bars are plant-based + gluten free, non-gmo, and soy free. My personal favorites are the Vanilla Powder and Chunky Peanut Butter Bars!

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  • Disney+ Subscription– I think we can all agree that Disney is rising to the top even more, but is that even possible?! If you love Disney or any of the Marvel (and more) you might want to get this or get this for someone who does! It’s only $6.99 a month… BUT, if you have Verizon you can get it free for a year.

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  • Kylie Cosmetics & Kylie Skin– I think we can all agree that the Kardashian/Jenner ladies are Queens when it comes to beauty… so of course you have to get some of the best products from Ms. Kylie! Wheather you’re into skincare or just makeup, you’ll love it all.

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