A beautiful company, with an even more beautiful mission…

There’s always those days where you find yourself browsing social media and reading articles, and that’s what happened with me a few weeks back when I discovered GEMS BY THE FOOT; a company that creates the most beautiful pieces for a heartwarming mission.

When doing some reading on the company and its launch, it was the story of their goals for it that touched my heart the most. Founded in 2017 by three women with the biggest hearts in a coffee shop; Alicia, Michelle, and Elizabeth, they decided they wanted to do something that this world needs now more than ever- to give back.

GEMS BY THE FOOT launched to support refugee women who are rebuilding their lives in North Texas. Not only do 10% of net proceeds from purchases help those in need, but as company sales grow, they will employ IRC-referred women at a living wage to help make beautiful and inspiring jewelry while supporting the households they live in.

The 10% of net proceeds benefit the IRC Dallas which resettles approved families from places such as Burma, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Afghanistan.

The company just launched their newest collaboration, DSxGTBF, with Daniela Salcedo; a Colombian jewelry brand that was inspired by Daniela herself and her unique style. The collection features six different pieces and can be customized with your desired style, length, and gemstone selection.

You can check out the most beautiful pieces the company has to offer on their website, and don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates and how you can wear your jewelry that will not only shine, but help the lives of others in need.

Take a peek at some of the pieces below!