The Jam Jr. stars have taken over NYC…

Getting ready to celebrate the release of their joint album, which drops next Friday (11/22), three of the Jam Jr clan hit up the The Empire State Building with Columbia Records for a day of press and promo ahead of the Christmas album release.

Covering and speaking with one of the Jam Jr members, Sam Hurley, XO Diva D‘s very own Melissa Ridley attended the event and got the inside scoop on what’s to come for next week. Speaking to Melissa about the release of his new single, Sam said that it was “amazing and so awesome,” but don’t think this is his only song!

“I definitely want to get into more music with my own lyrics,” Sam said. “This has been one of the funnest projects to work on and thank you so much to everyone that’s listened to it and continues to listen to it.” The sixteen year old also revealed that while he listens to a variety of different music, he does love some good ol’ Harry Styles and Justin Bieber.

As for the music he wants to make on his own? “I want to make music that’s more pop than anything; upbeat and kind of happy music,” he says.

Melissa also caught up with Coco Quinn and Gavin Magnus about the experience of getting to work on the album. Talking about her relation to the music, Gavin said “A lot of the music I can relate to in a certain way; whether I’m feeling it or just having an experience that relates to the song… but overall it’s been a really cool experience.”

Gavin also added that it’s been “a pleasure” getting to be apart of the album; he says “It’s a lot of cool music and a lot of cool times.” Speaking on her time working on the album, Coco says she feels “so accomplished” and that she couldn’t have done it without her fans; “I’m so thankful” she said.

Coco also talked about how having the large following that she does has made her feel by saying that it’s “really fun and cool to get more noticed out in public” and that she loves getting to interact with her fans. Both Coco and Gavin expressed their excitement about the album coming out next week and how “cool it is to be featured on a Time’s Square billboard.”

The “Jam Jr. Christmas” album will be out next Friday, November 22nd! Be sure to follow their official Instagram account where you can find the entire albums roster, as well as Sam, Coco, and Gavin. And don’t forget to follow The Empire State Building on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram too!

Check out some photos from yesterday below!

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