Sometimes we need to step back and recharge…

Life can be very difficult at times, but if there’s one thing that I’ve learned most it’s that we can’t give up on ourselves. One thing I’ve turned to this past year is my relationship with God and being spiritual. While I don’t know what everyone else’s beliefs are, I have my own relationship with God and don’t follow a particular religion when doing so.

Every morning and night I pray and also read a page in my Jesus Calling book, which gives a daily devotion of some type. I’ve had this book for two or three years now, but I continue to use it every single day as it’s 365 days of quotes/devotions. One thing I’ve noticed is that prayer and connecting with God is something that helps my mental health in the moment a lot.

Having once not wanting to be on this earth, it’s very important to me that I remain strong in my faith and know that I have a purpose on this earth, something that God knows and that’s why I was put on this earth to begin with. A lot of the time it can be a struggle to just get out of the bed or the house because of how bad my mental state might feel on a certain day, but I always try and remember that God has a plan for me.

I think sometimes we all might question God, or a higher power, because of certain situations we might go through and while those times seem incredibly horrific and unimaginable, it’s important to remember that God gives his hardest battles to his bravest and strongest soldiers. Things can be tough, really tough, but we have to understand that everything happens for a reason and while we might not understand that reason because of how horrible it is, there’s always a meaning to everything.

It’s hard for me to understand certain struggles and situations I go through at times, but those are the days or times I feel even more connected to God. As I said, I pray every morning and night because it’s important to do so for me not just when I want something to go a certain way/ask for something, but to just show my appreciation for another day.

On days that are particular rough, I listen to a lot of Hillsong Worship music, something I’ve done for a few years now. Two of my favorite songs by them are ‘Transfiguration‘ and ‘Hosanna; there’s just something about those songs that make me feel even more connected to God and reassure me that everything will be okay.

The sense of feeling less alone when you feel so lost or helpless is a very scary feeling, but songs like these two help me feel less alone. It’s very strange how we can feel so alone when we have people that love us, but a lot of us go through it and I wanted to take some time and write about how these things have helped me, and my mental health, a tremendous amount.

Do you guys have anything spiritual you do to help heal? DM me and let me know!