As if we couldn’t love Selena or this project even more…

Selena Gomez is no stranger to giving us hope and inspiration when we need it most, but guess what? She’s giving us that and more! The singer, activist, and actress sat down with her best friend, Raquelle Stevens, for Raquelle’s vodcast exclusively on TaTaTu and spoke about her struggles, working with organizations, personal connections, social media, giving back, and much more.

Speaking to Elle ahead of the episode dropping yesterday, Raquelle said “The series taught me that giving back is the only way to live a life of meaning and happiness.” She continued “The series changed me as I was deeply impacted by the level of vulnerability each guest was willing to share, with the hopes that they would help inspire all who watch the series to give back in their own life.”

Giving Back Generation, which was launched by Raquelle in September, takes viewers on an inside look of her guests stories as they share and reflect on their personal journeys  and give a sense of some much needed encouragement with the world.

Selena’s full episode can be watched here!

Selena Gomez during her interview with Raquelle Stevens