Kristen Bell Speaks On Revealing ‘Frozen 2’ Secrets To Her Two Daughters


Uh oh… will Kristen’s daughters be able to keep the secrets in…?!

Kristen Bell is gearing up for the highly anticipated release of ‘Frozen 2,’ and dropped by the hit show, The Talk, to chat about all the new things going on in her life and much more. Speaking with the ladies of the show, Kristen opened up about realizing she may be in trouble for letting her daughters know so much about the new film.

“I’m in trouble because I did not have them sign an NDA. We worked on this movie for so long, we’ve worked on it for over two and a half years. So, I come home and I learn a new song, and I sing it to them at night in bed. And then, I would like tell them new story plots, and then I realized, on my God, I really need to be careful,” she says.

She added, “The problem is, they’re terrible secret keepers, so I really got myself into a pickle.” Isn’t that hilarious?! Hopefully her daughters can keep those secrets on the down low for just a bit longer until the movie his theaters November 22nd.

Check out the full clip from the interview below!


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