Calling all makeup lovers… are you ready for your new must-haves?!

Beautyblender has done it again, and this time they might’ve actually outdone themselves. Launching a few new products to make your summer even brighter, and better, the company unveiled the newest editions to the family; a brush collection and a killer highlight that’ll make that summer glow be unlike any other.

Getting killer reviews just weeks after the launch of the two new products, the brushes are described to be “unique” and “are unlike any other brushes on the market, with face rollers that help depuff and prep skin.” It also should be noted that the brushes are 100% cruelty-free and are made of vegan bristles that are beyond super soft to the touch.

As for the highlighter? Get ready for a triple-threat, because this baby is going to make you shine! Retailing at $25, the product was designed to be used in multiple different ways, including for your eyes, cheeks, and lips that’ll not give you the shimmer… but ALL shine.

The company has expanded their makeup empire a great deal since the launch of the original beautyblender, including foundation, primer, setting spray, cleaners, and more… but one can only hope that they aren’t done launching more products for us. Who knows, maybe we could be lucky enough to get a concealer next… right?!

The brand new Beautyblender brushes and highlight are available NOW!