Get those credit cards ready Little Monsters, your girl is ready for you!

Lady Gaga’s long awaited makeup line, ‘Haus Laboratories,’ is now available for pre-order and it’s everything we need AND more. Available in nine different duos and six different three-piece sets, you can get the magic touch that Gaga and her makeup artist Sarah Tanno created together.

The nine different duos include two lip liners, $26, two glosses, $32, or two Glam Attacks, $36. As for the the six different three-piece sets, which you can get for $49, those include a RIP Lip Liner, a Le Riot Gloss, and a Glam Attack.

The new makeup guru not only has made this line buyable on her official makeup website, but also Amazon. “Just like with my music, I wanted everyone to have access to it,” she says.

While these products and the entire line won’t ship until the line’s planned September launch, LG says fans can expect many incredible things to come in the coming months + even more jaw-dropping products when the launch is here.

It seems as if Gaga made this line with everything and anything she could use to make people feel more confident and secure, something she is constantly doing with her art and frankly her life. The line also appears to be very affordable, something not many celebrities do today (with the exception of the few that do) when releasing products.

Check out the official promo for H.L. below + pre-order NOW here!

haus laboratories lady gaga lip liner eye shadows black packaging on black background

lady gaga new beauty line swatches on all skin tones

haus laboratories lady gaga beauty line green eyeshadow and red lip on model with black gloves on

haus laboratories lady gaga beauty line rose lip and contour on models