I am so excited to share the official episode I did with Yahoo all about the love I have for the woman who’s changed, impacted, and helped me more than anyone- Britney Spears. There was so much more to this episode when we shot it, but I absolutely love the outcome of it and think it gave my story such a good lesson on how you never know just how much one person can impact someones life.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me, supported this episode, and watched it; it means the world to me. So many people, including ones who think they know me most, don’t understand how much Britney means to me and what she does for me on a daily basis. Sharing my story isn’t something I do for pitty- I do it because I want to help or let someone know they aren’t alone.

Britney was there for me when nobody else was; when people left me and weren’t there for me, she and her music was. I don’t know if anyone will truly be able to understand how much she’s been able to help me and continues to do so, but I think this video might give you a better understanding if you don’t get it.

Thank you to Yahoo, and of course Britney- you get me through the hardest and greatest of times… I love you!