Isn’t he the cutest!?

You guys… I got a new baby, a puppy! If you didn’t see anywhere on social media, my new puppy’s name is Dasher Angel LeCours. I don’t know if it’s common for a person to give their dog a full name, but hey, I did- haha.

Dasher is eight weeks old and was born on September 24th in Massachusetts, my home state. He’s a Labadore Retriever and is expected to be 64 – 79lbs, a pretty big boy! A ton of people have asked me the story and/or reason why I named him Dasher and if it had anything to do with Christmas, but it didn’t at all!

I named Dasher after some of my favorite people- The Kar(dash)ian’s! They also had a store called Dash that I love, so I decided that this would be the perfect name for him. I originally had his named picked out to be Dash, but I was told by many people (including my Aunt Ashlea) that two syllable names are easier for them to learn…so she suggested “Dasher,” and the name just clicked.

He’s the cutest thing ever and is really my first dog alone that I bought and will take care of on my own, so any tips or notes that you guys might have on new puppies…please let me know! Take a peek at some pictures of my sweet boy below, and be sure to follow him on Instagram too…hehe! Love you guys, xox.