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Happy Friday you guys! I’m so excited to share this new interview with you, the iconic Kim Petras! It was so awesome getting to speak with Kim about what she’s been up to and all the fun stuff she has planned for the rest of the year. We chatted about her newest video, working with Charli XCX, happiness, and tons more!

On top of premiering this interview, Kim  just released a brand new single! Make sure you guys check out “Can’t Do Better,” out NOW! Kim will also be on tour with Troye Sivan starting this September on the Bloom Tour! For tour tickets and dates, click here. Don’t forget to follow Kim on Instagram and Twitter too, you don’t want to miss a thing!

Thank you to Kim and her awesome PR team for this, I adore you KP! xox


DL: Hey Kim! I’m so excited to be chatting with you, how have you been?

KP: Good! I’ve been really really busy. It’s been heavy on my body but at the same time, I’m living the dream. I’m waking up in a different city every day, I’m on this crazy radio tour all across America promoting ‘Heart to Break’. I’m doing a lot of press and photo shoots so I’m really hustling. Every day is a new challenge but I just do my best and try to do a great job.

DL: You’ve had a great start to the new year, your song ‘Faded‘ featuring Lil Aaron has been doing great since its release back in December, congratulations love! What was the inspiration behind the song? It’s so catchy and I am obsessed with it!

KP: It’s about people who are there for you when everything is great but not when stuff isn’t good. It’s just about fake people and those types of friends, it’s also about getting really hammered to deal with it. It’s also a fun party song.

DL: The video for the single was so simple, yet so iconic! How did you come up with the concept for the video? Did you just want to have fun, dance, and shoot in some fashionable outfits?

KP: I had Lil Aaron involved and his whole thing is completely green.  At the time I was living on Hollywood Boulevard which always sounds amazing but parts of it are really gross, smelly, and crazy. There’s all these bars so there is a definite sound of Hollywood Boulevard and I was really inspired by that so we just found this building that was an old Chinese restaurant or something. Yeah, it’s just a lot of amazingly colored looks and bright green stuff. That was kind of it, it was really focused on performance and just killing it!

DL: You also did a song for Charli XCX’s ‘Pop 2!’ No joke, your song ‘Unlock It’ with her is my favorite on the entire LP. What was it like getting to work with her? I know you sang the song with her at your show a few weeks back, do you guys have any plans on doing it again?

KP: Working with Charli was really great, she’s a really cool person and I love hanging out with her. I would love to do something! We’ve been in the studio and we’ve written more stuff. We text a lot, so who knows. I would be down.

DL: On top of that, you released your new video for ‘Heart To Break.’ It’s really different from your other tracks, and is yet again so catchy like your other work…. I love it! Can you tell us about the video!?

KP: I think with this video I’ve really come into my own visually.  It has all the stuff that I like and it’s very much a visual representation of my tastes and what I’m here to do, why I make pop music, why I make pop music videos. I think there’s a really strong storyline with this one, it’s really fun. The wardrobe and styling is very much my look and what I want to look like. It was extensive and a lot of work but I love it.

DL: With all of the singles you’ve been putting out, are you gearing up to release a full length album later this year or sooner? We need more KP music, lol!

KP: Yeah, I have the album basically ready to go but I have some more singles coming out and I’m doing more music videos. So a lot of new music is coming soon! I’m also going on tour with Troye Sivan later this year which I’m so excited about. I can’t wait, it’s going to be so much fun!


DL: One of the things I love most about you is that you’re very fun and all about enjoying life. Can you give any advice for any people who might struggle with identity or self-confidence issues that might be afraid to live life to the fullest and just be happy?

KP: I don’t think anyone is just happy.  I think everybody has terrible days and good days and you kind of just have to accept it and roll with it. You have to accept that nobody is ever just happy. I’m not always happy, I write the happiest songs when I’m really sad or feeling really shitty about myself to just feel happy. The advice I would give is just to accept that sometimes it feels like life doesn’t feel fun and doesn’t feel good and that’s okay, you just have to just go with it.  I always think you have one life and you have one chance to do everything that you want to do and you just have to go and do it or you’ll be really sad your whole life if you haven’t tried. That’s my whole attitude in life, you have to go for it and try it if you want something. Don’t miss out on too much because you’re scared of it.

DL: You’ve done so much in the past years music and life wise, but do you have any goals for the next few years?

KP: I want to keep bettering myself. Keep making great music, keep making new stuff, and not repeat myself. I’m just want to keep hustling!