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Ms. Charli XCX has gotten the vinyl treatment for her two iconic masterpieces! Her mixtapes, Number 1 Angel and POP2, have officially been released on vinyl.

Charli’s third mixtape, Number 1 Angel, was produced by A.G. Cook, Sophie, Danny L, Harle, Life Sim, Easy FX, and John Hill. The ten track tape was then released on March 10, 2017 featuring collabs with names like CupcakKe, MO, Abra, and more.

Charli’s fourth mixtape, POP2, was much different than the third mixtape, but even better. Keeping A.G. Cook as the main producer, Charli also worked with other names including King Henry, O, Umru, EasyFun, and Life Sim and Sophie again. This ten track tape was released December 17, 2017 and featured more artists such as CupcakKe, Brooke Candy, Carly Rae Jepsen, Tove Lo, and more as well.

Charli’s mixtapes can be purchased for vinyl OR cassette now. If you don’t have a need for either, do yourself a favor and buy both mixtapes and listen to them…you for sure won’t regret it! The full tracklist for the vinyl record can be found below.


Disc 1

Number 1 Angel – Side A

1. Dreamer (feat. Starrah and RAYE

2. 3AM (Pull Up) (feat. MØ ]

3. Blame It On U

4. Roll With Me

5. Emotional

Number 1 Angel – Side B

 1. ILY2

2. White Roses

3. Babygirl (feat. Uffie)

4. Drugs (feat. ABRA)

5.  Lipgloss (feat. CupcakKe)

Disc 2

Pop 2 – Side C

1. Backseat (feat. Carly Rae Jepsen)

2. Out Of My Head (feat. Tove Lo and ALMA)

3. Lucky

4. Tears (feat. Caroline Polachek)

5. I Got It (feat. Brooke Candy, CupcakKe and Pabllo Vittar)

Pop 2 – Side D

1. Femmebot (feat. Dorian Electra and Mykki Blanco)

2. Delicious (feat. Tommy Cash)

3. Unlock It (feat. Kim Petras and Jay Park)

4. Porsche (feat. MØ)

5. Track 10