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I’m so excited to be heading back to New York this weekend for my friend Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop event! Whenever I travel anywhere, I always like to make sure I have everything I need to make sure I stay sane.

I wanted to give you guys an inside look at a few (out of the many, lol!) items I’ll be bringing with me on my trip so you can check them out! My list might seem a bit silly, but it helps me feel organized and not scatterbrained. Tweet or tag me on Instagram if you guys get any of these products, I want to see what you think! xx


My Check List


  • iS Clinical: If you follow me on Instagram and view my IG stories, you know how much I post about this brand! My friend Sean got me into this company…and my skin has changed for life. I’m obsessed with their cleansing face wash and eye cream, I use both ever single day. You have to check the brand out you guys!


  • Two water bottles: I’m super big on keeping my body and skin hydrated, so these are the most important for me. I like to bring my Hidrate Spark bottle that tracks how much water I’m drinking, and my Pressa Bottle for when I want to add fruit, lemons, and/or cucumbers to keep it flavorful!


  • Vanity Planet: Skin care, skin care, skin care- my LIFE! VP offers a wide variety of products featuring tools, facial brushes, etc; for the skin. I’m in love with their Soothing Gel Bead Eye Mask, because it helps keep my eyes and eye area not tired looking. I also just got their GlowSpin to try out…so stay tuned for a review on that!


  • Grande Cosmetics Goodies: I’m absolutely OBSESSED with this company! From lip plumbers, mascaras, eyebrow necessities- they have it all. I always have my ‘Lash Lip Starter Kit’ on hand whenever I’m on the go, but I like to bring my entire stash when I’m traveling.


  • Raden Suitcase: Though I just got my travel and large size suitcase from Raden, I love them so much! I have them both in matte and they’re so cute. The company is genius- the suitcases are basically “smart luggage.” They come with phone charging outlets, the ability to locate your luggage, and it can weigh itself too…AMAZING! You guys NEED one if you travel like I do, you’ll love!


  • Good American ASOS, & Hudson Jeans: These three lines are INCREDIBLE for the jeans they have to offer. I’m a ripped jean kind of guy, so that’s the style I lean towards the most. I can’t pick a favorite out of GA, ASOS, or Hudson, because they truly are my three go-to’s for jeans! All of them are extremely comfortable, stylish, and look great.