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King Kylie is coming for our credit cards and cash, because ‘Kylie Cosmetics’ is officially coming out with three new products this week. Ky has built one of the biggest brands and empires for a twenty year old and it looks like she’s planning on keeping it that way too.

On December 13, Kylie will be dropping “The Silver Series” and I am SO here for it. Cream Lipsticks, Concealers, and Brushes. The Cream Lipsticks will include 20 shades, while the Concealers will include 30. As for the brushes? Get ready for a wide variety of those as well- Crease  Blush, and Blending brushes will also be available for purchase on Dec 13’s drop. Below, you can find prices for the new and hottest products from Kylie’s Silver Series collection. What will you guys be getting?

Cream Lipsticks- $17 (each)

Concealers- TBA

Brushes- $16 to $30 (each)

Brushes set- $360 (all brushes included)