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I got to talk with model, football player, and entrepreneur Ryan Hintze a few days back, and I am so happy to share this Q&A I did with him! At such a young age he’s accomplished so much and to top it all off he is extremely good looking, so he’s a winner ladies and gents! Make sure you follow him on his social media handles below and stay tuned for more exciting things coming within the next few weeks for XO Diva D!


Twitter/Insatgram/Snapchat- @RYANHINTZE


XO Diva D


David: You started a company a few years back with your brother called ‘Hintze Media.’ Can you tell me what the company does and what your role in it is?

Ryan: I started Hintze Media LLC in 2014 with my brother as 50/50 owners. We originally named the company Hintze Bros. LLC and we were a business to business (B2B) company that offered web design, web hosting, graphic design, 3d modeling, aerial photography, aerial cinematography, video editing, drone consulting, social media marketing and social media management. At first, we wanted to offer all the services we possibly could, just because we could. We identified a demand for the services we offered and capitalized on it. At first business was booming, but we soon realized that we were only two people and we couldn’t duplicate ourselves. We had to rethink our business model and optimize what we were offering for services. We generated most of our revenue building large social media properties and monetizing on a business to consumer (B2C) basis so that’s what we decided to specialize in and discontinued offering everything else. Once I went off to college in 2015 and my brother was still in high school we decided to go our separate ways in the business world. I renamed the company and he no longer is involved in the business. Most of the business conducted now is business to consumer (B2C) and involves digital marketing and the management of my personal brand. I’m currently working on a line of merchandise, email marketing campaigns, paid advertising campaigns and managing an exclusive membership website.


David: How did you first get started with social media?

Ryan: I started using social media heavily for business in 2013. My friend introduced me to the world of social media marketing and the value of it. Still to this day I see tremendous value in social media and I rarely use social media as a leisure activity.



David: You said that you started in modeling back in high school and I love all the shoots that you’ve posted on your social media handles! Do you have a favorite or most memorable experience that involved your modeling?

Ryan: Thank you I really appreciate it! Modeling for me has always been a fun experience. My first ever shoot was with a company called Champs Sports and that whole experience was challenging work, but fun. It was a few days full of unreleased sports gear, luxury cars, mansions, sports and food. That experience made me decide I wanted to be a model. Someone once told me If you like it, If you are good at it and it’s easy for you.

Get trained in it and you’ll never work a day in your life. So that’s what I’m going to do!



David: You do so much work, so what’s a normal day like for you?

Ryan: Each day is different for me. Since I am a full-time college student athlete I must fit my work in around that. A normal day involves waking up before the sun rises, working out, eating, going to class, eating some more, doing work, going to dinner then working some more into the late night/early morning and then repeating that process. I try to get around 5 hours of sleep per night and on the weekends, I splurge and get 8 hours in. When I’m working I’m either maintaining social media presence, maintaining websites, running digital marketing campaigns, answering emails, and solving problems.



David: I follow you on all of your social media handles and am an avid reader of your blog on your website. Do you have a favorite social media outlet that you like to use most to connect with your fans?

Ryan: I am a big advocate for responding to all my fans. People are often shocked I respond to their messages. Multiple time people have sent me hate messages or nasty comments and I respond and they are like “Oh I didn’t know you would ever see this, let alone respond”. So it’s fun to shock people. Although over the past two years my fan count has radically increased (Thank you all!) I still try my best to respond to every message. No matter if you follow me on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, OnlyFans, my blog, my newsletter, you will have an opportunity to connect with me. Although I must add, members of my exclusive Snapchat or OnlyFans account get priority responses.



David: You have already done so much at such a young age, but what’s one thing you want to most in the next five years or so?

Ryan: Once I’m done with school and football I want to pursue modeling full time. Since I’m so limited right now with my availability I’ve been really making sure I’m doing everything I can to make connections, amplify my online presence and improve my overall branding. Once I’m ready to pursue modeling full time I will have a solid foundation, framework and road map set in place that will help me reach success.

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